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Every once in a while we wish we could travel to a distant place and spend some time with our family, away from all the urban problems. Our dynamic lifestyles put a lot of pressure on us and it’s only human to feel the need for a break. has a variety of German cabins available for booking - cosy spots with nature-filled surroundings and a relaxing atmosphere. Germany is a country with rich nature and an astonishing environment and whether you’re looking for a woodland retreat or a snowy and snug cabin in the mountains, we’ve got it covered.

Nature-filled paradise

Germany is a country composed of sixteen regions, diverse in flora and fauna and natural landscapes. Throughout the country, there are 16 national parks and each of the aforementioned regions has at least one national park. With that being said, about a quarter of Germany’s land is national or nature parks. Quite self-explanatory - wherever your German cabin is located, it is guaranteed that you will experience the relaxing natural atmosphere. Speaking of nature, Germany is home to common plants of middle Europe. Beeches, oaks, and other trees are spread throughout one-third of the country’s forestry. Spruce and fir trees are the most common flora in the upper mountains, while pine and larch are found in sandy soil. Some of the wild animals you may encounter are deer, wild boar, fox, mouflon, hare, badger, and on rare occasions - beavers.

The Alpine region of Germany by itself is a different ecosystem. There you may find many animals and plants, some of which aren’t present in the rest of the country. One of the more well-known species of plants living there is the edelweiss. This plant is one of the rarest in Europe. It grows above 1700 meters above sea level. In the past, people have been seeking this flower for days, so that they can pick it and give it to their significant others like a symbol of their love. Apart from these magnificent and rare flowers, you may find plants like alpenrose, around your German cabin. Among the animals that make the German Alps their home are the Chamonix, the ibex, and the golden eagle.

Relaxing actively

Staying active during such getaways is important because we can easily get lost in the relaxing part of our trip and miss the breathtaking surroundings. First and foremost, hiking is an activity everyone should take-up when going to Germany. As mentioned above, there are 16 national parks and many more nature parks with protected plants and animals. One shouldn’t miss the amazing views, thick forests, crystal clear lakes, and inspiring mountain tops. Furthermore, skiing is also one of the best activities to take-up, mainly because the Alps have countless untouched skiing tracks, and because nowhere else you will find such thrilling sceneries that make you feel like you’re on top of the world. Last but not least, you may always go on a relaxing fishing session in the morning or simply have a picnic next to a nearby lake.

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