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Cottages Lower Saxony

Lower Saxony is a German state in the northwestern part of the country, with Hannover as its capital. It has a border with the Netherlands. In addition, there are diverse natural reserves in this area that can be explored. After Bavaria, Lower Saxony is the largest German state. A diversified landscape of forests, farmlands, river plains, heath, and moors lies between the state's mosaic of dynamic small towns and villages. Do you want to rent a cottage in Lower Saxony? Here you can discover a list of our Lower Saxony cottages where you may relax after a tiring day of exploration in lower Saxony.

Nature and Landscapes

Lower Saxony, with its preserved natural landscapes stretching from the North Sea to the Harz Mountains, is unlike any German state in terms of natural biodiversity. On an exploration tour of the Wadden Sea, see "pure nature" and keep an eye for lynx in the Harz Mountains' forests. Some natural settings are home to specific creatures, such as seals and migrating birds, while others are characterized by particular plant life. When in bloom, the heather on the Lüneburger Heide and adjacent geest landscapes creates a spectacular show of color. Cotton grass can be found in abundance in the lowlands of the Emsland and Diepholzer Moorniederung areas.

Want to make the most of your trip?

Forests bathed in sunlight, steep mountains, lush meadows, and brilliant purple blooming heather — the hiking region's natural beauty is unparalleled. On a network of walking routes extending over 2000 kilometers, Lower Saxony offers the ideal walking tour experience. Consider ascending the Brocken in the brisk early breeze. Perhaps a leisurely circle along the North routes suits more to your style. The choices are infinite - 365 days a year - from the Harz Mountains to the ocean. One thing is certain: on your walking trip, you will engage with nature and will find peace.

Drift away while allowing nature's soothing capabilities to work for you: the Thalasso North Sea spa of Spiekeroog encourages you to enjoy long walks among salt marshes and dunes. Allow the fresh, salty island air to wash over you as you gaze out over the North Sea. Nature House has some stunning cottages in Lower Saxony that you can look at. And if you have any questions, you can always contact the holiday home/cottage's owner.

The Altes Land in Lower Saxony is an ideal location for cycling. The Altes Land is also traversed by the Elbe Cycle Route. You could see the abundance of blossoms while the fruit trees are in bloom. During the harvest season, you can pick your apples. Cycle through the vast fruit orchards and stop for a break at one of the little farm cafés. The view across the seemingly endless North Sea, whether from the mainland, such as Cuxhaven, Carolinensiel, or from one of the East Frisian Islands, has a relaxing effect and will satisfy your need for the ocean as well. The North Sea is constantly ebbing and flowing due to the powerful tides. You can also take a walk on the seabed to learn more about this nature reserve.

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