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Bungalow Overijssel

Have you chosen the Netherlands as your next destination? Great! You can take a loot at our selections of bungalows in Overijssel. A province in the Netherlands with many nature parks, a list with a lot of different attractions and a very smiley population. Each of the bungalows is fully equipped so you just have to take your clothes and embark on an adventure.

Nature in Overijssel

Most of Overijssel is a diverse icy delta with sandy soil and low hills, which were originally covered with heather, forest patches and wet marshy meadows. At one time, areas of high peat stretched to the northeast. To a large extent, the coastal zone north of Zwolle consists of low peat, partially covered with clay. This north-western part is mainly a pasture supporting cattle and dairy production; in the sandy areas there is milk production as well as mixed agriculture. The central Saland district has orchards.

The province became highly industrialized. The Twente district in the southeast, where cotton spinning, weaving and bleaching came to the fore in the 19th century, is one of the main centers of the Dutch textile industry. The main centers are Enschede, Almelo, Hengelo and Oldenzaal. Other important industrial centers are Deventer, Kampen and Zwolle.

The Weerribben Wieden National Park covers two areas with a total area of 100 square meters. Approximately 20 minutes drive from the north of Zwolle, this beautiful place offers many stunning natural landscapes that you can explore and an abundance of wildlife. Species found here include waterfowl, sunflower, blackfish and northern pike. Explore this beautiful park by bike along the many bike paths that run through the fields, or take the water and explore the canals and lakes of the canoe.

One of the largest public parks in Zwolle, Engelse Werk is a pleasure to see and is a great place to walk and enjoy the fresh air. Built in 1828, this park is in the style of an English landscape park and was designed by Hendrik van Lunteren. Much of this park is covered with beautiful woodland, but there are also several small lakes and waterways to explore. Stroll along the main trails, enjoy nature and wildlife and explore the old remains of fortifications that can still be seen.

National Park Sallandse Heuvelrug is a national park in the Dutch province of Overijssel, located between the towns of Hellendorn and Holten. Heuvelrug Sallandse is a moraine formed during the penultimate glaciation, Saalien, 150,000 years ago. In the Holocene, forests began to develop, but with an increase in population, these forests were cut down. Since the Middle Ages, this area has been used for grazing sheep and goats, and the topsoil has been removed to be used as fertilizer for crops. During this period, due to the drift of sand, the area turned into a wasteland. In the early 20th century, the state began forestry programs to prevent erosion and produce pine wood. The area is well known for its landscapes due to its relatively large wastelands.

The most characteristic features of the national park are the topography and the cranberries grow in large numbers. We also find the last Dutch population of black grouse(Tetrao tetrix), nightjar(Caprimulgus europaeusnightjar), and several species of lizards such as the viviparous lizard(Zootoca vivipara). The park has numerous trails for walking, cycling, mountain biking and horse riding. It is an important area for long distance hiking and cycling, and there are many campgrounds, restaurants and hotels.


Overijssel is a province in the eastern part of the Netherlands. The administrative center is the city of Zwolle. The largest settlement is Enschede. Overijssel is a great place for fans of sightseeing holidays. The province has preserved many ancient castles, fortresses, cathedrals and churches. The architectural monument of the region is the Vesterfir Castle, built at the end of the 18th century. A picturesque garden is laid out around the building.

Travelers and their fellow travelers will be offered to visit the village of Giethoorn, which is called the Dutch Venice. In the old part of the village there are canals for boating. They are crossed by bridges for walking and cycling. The nature of Overijssel will appeal to lovers of active leisure. Among the water activities of the resort guests are boating, sailing, rafting, stand-up paddle surfing. In the natural parks of the area, you can make trips by jeeps, bicycles or horses. A popular tourist attraction is horse carriage riding. You can order such a tour at Stalhouderij Schouwink.

For those who are on holiday with children, we recommend visiting the Avonturenpark Hellendoorn amusement park located in the Hellendoorn community. For those who love animals, visit the Ponypark City petting zoo in Collendoorn. Shoppers will be delighted to visit the capital's market Zwolle - Wochenmarkt Enschede. Tourists will find clothes and accessories of world brands in boutiques along Sassenstraat. Holland Casino Enschede welcomes gambling fans. Bowling can be played at Bowling Urbana. Resort visitors can diversify their trip by playing golf or tennis.

Adherents of gastronomic tourism will be offered to taste "Hot Pot" - tender pork stewed with vegetables on the grill. This and other dishes of traditional Dutch cuisine can be tasted in the capital's restaurant Librije’s Zusje. French pastries are sold at De Librije. A wide variety of Asian dishes will be offered at the Enschede Restaurant - TAO.


There is an oceanic type of climate in Overijssel. The weather remains generally warm and temperate. There is heavy rainfall in the region. The same is true for even the driest months of the year. Winters are somewhat less mild here compared to other parts of the Netherlands. This is due to the greater distance of this province from the coast. The summer season is also moderately warm. You may want to go out for swimming or other water-related activities due to the favorable sea temperatures.

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