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A soothing retreat in the heart of Europe

Have you always wanted to spend some time surrounded by nature but you’re not keen on reserving a big house and planning your vacation way ahead? Then you have come to the right place. Nature.house offers stays in tiny houses perfect for a spontaneous getaway. The small structure of the houses contributes to the perfect cozy retreat while being in a leafy location prevents anxiety and minimizes stress levels. The modern person actively seeks ways to reconnect with nature and now it has never been easier. Located in western Germany, the area of Eifel is a fantastic choice for spending some time away from busy streets and crowded places. Reserve now and have the vacation you deserve with Nature.house.

The incredible nature of Eifel

The territory of Eifel is one of the most beautiful natural locations of Germany and it has been attracting local and international tourists for many years. The region consists of approximately 110 square kilometers of unbelievable landscapes and breathtaking views, dark blue lakes, numerous rivers, streams, dams, and frosted mountain ranges. More than 2100 endangered plants and animal species inhabit the region of Eifel and they’re all surrounding your tiny house in the woods. The Eifel National Park is a large protected area and it offers an almost completely undisturbed area for wild cats to inhabit. Some other wildlife representatives include the black storks, beavers, and kingfishers among other species.

In terms of the flora around your tiny house in Eifel, the region is characterized by biodiversity that excites botanists and nature enthusiasts. It is possible to encounter vegetation such as semi-arid meadows, juniper heathlands, wet grasslands that are typical for that area. Beautiful beechwoods, wild daffodils, and several types of orchids are also common for the Eifel territory, therefore, rest assured that your vacation in a tiny house will fulfill your expectation in terms of natural sights.

What can you do during your retreat?

If you are keen on staying active during your holiday then perhaps you will enjoy some of Germany’s best areas for hiking and mountain biking. The territory of Eifel is marvelous for such outdoor activities contributing to an active and rejuvenating retreat at the same time. There, several volcanic eruptions occurred in the past creating the ‘Volcanic Eifel’ now known to the modern person. The eruptions and lava flow created the ‘maar lakes’ or ‘the eyes of Eifel’ and therefore visitors have the full freedom to enjoy a soothing swim in those lakes during the warmer months of the year. Enjoy the astonishing beauty of Germany’s best natural location with Nature.house!