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Whether you are looking for summer vacation or a winter one, Europe has plenty of options for every taste out there – high mountains, beautiful valleys, river canyons and amazing beaches, all of which are often just a drive away from the most famous ski resorts in the world. We know that for a nature enthusiast like yourself the location of their accommodation is key. On our website you will find numerous tiny cabin options, situated in dense forests or on sunny meadows, serving as the perfect starting point for your daily trips in nature. The tiny cabins are equipped with everything you might need, ensuring your comfort despite its size. Check out our recommendations for travel destinations and pick your next adventure home – a beautiful tiny cabin where you will reconnect with yourself by connecting with nature.

Your must-visits in Europe

Languedoc-Roussillon is a region in Southern France located in the same bay area of the Mediterranean Sea as Cote D’Azur in the famous French Riviera. Although today this region is not an autonomous French province, but rather part of the bigger Occitan province, it has not lost its distinctive character. Due to its proximity to Spain and Andorra, Languedoc-Roussillon has taken so much in terms of its culture from its neighboring areas. Except for being rich in terms of culture, this place has a remarkable list of natural wonders on its territory.

Cirque de Navacelles is one of the largest canyons in Europe, which can get to 300 m in depth. The river Vis has carved this network of gorges through the Causes of Larzac rock formations. There are three Blandas lookouts which provide stunning panoramic views of the Cirque de Navacelles and the Gorges de la Vis. Le Canigou is one of the highest peaks in the Eastern Pyrenees and it offers some of the most outstanding views of the mountain. In the valley beneath the peak, a small village is hiding in the trees – Saint Martin-du-Canigou. The scenery from the precipice where you will also find the historic abbey Saint-Martin-du-Canigou is simply sublime.

One of the provinces in the Netherlands offers travelers to the Dutch North a chance to escape real life and immerse themselves into nature. Friesland is a region where nature has been put on a pedestal for centuries. There are four national parks here and many UNESCO recognized sites, including the unique biosphere of the Wadden Sea. It is an intertidal zone of the North Sea and it presents a combination of tidal flats and wetlands. Due to its unique location and geology, the Wadden Sea has turned into one of the most important ecosystems in Europe. There are numerous species sharing a home on its wetlands – shells, plants, seals and porpoises. However, this area holds the most significance for birds – many species rest or breed here before flying away during the migration periods.

Eisriesenwelt is the largest accessible ice cave in the world. It is located in Austria and presents a turquoise blue ice wonderland. The Hochkogel Mountain in the Alps has been hiding this stunning natural wonder until the late 19th century. You can visit it from May until late October and on your trip there take a moment to appreciate the breathtaking views of the whole area around the mountain; the cave system is situated so high that your view will be unobstructed for tens of kilometers.


The most popular place to visit in the area of Languedoc-Roussillon is the Carcassonne which welcomes visitors into a real-life fairytale. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a totally enclosed citadel situated on a ridge above Ville Base. This citadel is called Basilique Saint-Nazaire et Saint-Celse, however it is more commonly known as La Cité or Cite de Carcassonne. There are two entrances, one of which was featured in the Robin Hood movie. This enchanting historic landmark is also a great place to admire nature. A scenic walk along more than 3 km of completely preserved medieval ramparts is an amazing way to immerse in some of the beautiful surroundings. The Promenade des Lices is also another shorter path (only 1 km), which gives you the opportunity to enjoy the views. The Pyrenees are even visible, as long as the weather is clear.

If you are an experienced climber, the summit of Mont Blanc is a great way to reconnect with nature and test your limits. For the less experienced, the smaller peaks in the Dolomites offer great views and a little lighter challenge which will definitely make you feel good.

For the best cycling experience, the Netherlands offers hundreds of kilometers of well-established cycling network which crosses rivers, national parks, protected areas, as well as cities and picturesque Dutch villages. On the other hand for a more laid back experience, try hiking the Cinque Terre national Park in Italy. This is Italy’s first national park and it is located on the coast of the Ligurian Sea. Despite being the smallest national park in Italy, this area serves breathtaking views of the cliffs, as well as picture-worthy panoramas of the small villages literally carved into the rock, located in small bays.

For a unique winter adventure, head to one of the Nordic countries, where you will not only have a chance to ski, but you can also learn to ride a snowmobile or try dog sledding. That way you will be able to get to secluded and wild areas deep in the Nordic countryside where Aurora borealis is the most beautiful (and easiest to see).

Perfect time to visit

Depending on your preference for activities, you can choose to visit in the warmer or colder months of the year. As a rule, the southern parts of Europe have milder winters and hotter summers, and vice versa the north you go. Early autumn is a great time to visit any of the countries we mentioned. Despite not being able to enjoy the advantages of winter in terms of winter sports, you will have a chance to explore the countries in a much calmer and peaceful manner. The tourist peak has gone, therefore leaving you with nice parks and protected areas, picturesque villages and local shops and restaurants almost completely to yourself.

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