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Last minute villas

We all know the feeling – sometimes we have the urge to plan an unexpected last minute holiday just days before departing. And we all know that sometimes this spontaneous decision turns out to be the beginning of a very memorable experience. Europe proves to be a promising destination, as it offers a great variety – whether you feel like sunbathing on a picturesque beach, or you feel like hiking and conquering the mountains – Europe has it all.

We have compiled a great deal of last minute villas for you to choose from, and they are all equipped with all of the amenities needed. No matter if you want to spend some quality time with a loved one, or you prefer a wonderful vacation with all of your relatives, we have got you covered. An additional benefit is that some of the villas available allow for an entirely contact-free stay as a precautionary measure. Of course, if you need any tips or advice, you can always count on our hosts.

Nature abounds

Europe offers a lot in terms of nature, with the Netherlands being one country in particular which usually grabs our attention. One very special place within its territory is called De Gelderse Poort. It boats amazing rivers and beautiful landscapes with lots of trees. The best of all? There are a number of interesting animals living in the area, so it is guaranteed that you will never feel alone while exploring.

Another environmental destination worth visiting is located in Germany, in the region of the Black Forest. We love being around water, but the so-called Triberg Waterfalls are in a category of their own. Watching the water find its way through the surroundings is amazing. In a strange way, this reminds you of the good old truth that persistence makes everything possible. We can spend hours adoring the symphony of the waterfalls. Just brilliant! The memories you make there will most probably stay with you forever.

Stay active while on vacation

There is so much you can do in order to stay in shape while your holiday lasts! Hiking, for instance, is particularly well suited for the need. The benefits of hiking are a lot – first and foremost, you get to explore the nature in the region. Nothing beats those beautiful, picturesque sceneries that are usually scattered and well hidden somewhere along the hiking trails. Do we even have to mention all of the health benefits? Of course, if you do not feel like walking, there are a number of alternative ways to enjoy nature. You can also ride a bike, for example.

Another worthwhile pastime is scuba diving. Naturally, the practice of this sport requires a lot more experience compared to hiking, but it is incredibly rewarding. Europe has spectacular locations for scuba diving, so the passionate divers will truly feel as if they are in heaven. Besides, it is a nice way to entertain yourself – the world under the water is so much different compared to what we experience every day.

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