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Refreshing glamping in Gelderland

As a relatively new term, glamping refers to the action of camping in a glamorous way. It is generally focused on providing the ultimate camping experience, which additionally includes some of the comforts and luxuries at home. offers glamping stays in the second biggest and most beautiful Dutch natural provinces - Gelderland. The territory of Gelderland brings many local and international tourists an unforgettable experience, due to the lovely scenery and breathtaking landscapes. Reserve now and enjoy an amazing glamping holiday in Gelderland with

The wonderful nature of Gelderland

Gelderland is home to two national parks - Hoge Veluwe and Veluwezoom, both of which are incredibly magnificent and perfect for glamping due to the woodland’s pleasant conditions and mostly flatter ground compared to the rest of western Europe’s territories. The crown-shaped conifers which dominate the area release a refreshing aroma, proven to have healing properties for the body and soul, contributing to a great vacation. And what is more, glamping essentially supports one’s connection to nature as it is away from the demeaning urban reality, allowing people to rediscover their inner self as they rejuvenate on a leafy location. In terms of the flora surrounding your glamping Gelderland, more than 500 different plant species can be found in the area.

The territory is also rich in wildlife, and animal species such as deers, foxes, pine martens, and badgers can all be encountered around your glamping in Gelderland. What is even more interesting is that in 2019 for the first time in 200 years, wolves have returned to the forest of Veluwe. A camera has clearly captured a cup of wolves with their mother wandering around the woodland. This is considered a big improvement for the wildlife of the Netherlands as the territory is generally very populated, forcing many species to migrate if not hunted down. Nevertheless, predators such as the wolves are unlikely to be encountered around your glamping sight, however, Gelderland is known for its variety of farms and agricultural areas so it is possible to meet human-friendly cows, sheep, and horses.

What can you do when you're glamping in Gelderland?

Gelderland has to offer a diversity of activities that you can execute based on your personal preference. Due to the extremely beautiful landscapes and panoramas, especially during twilight and sunrise, a simple walk around the national parks of Veluwe or Veluwezoom will decrease any feelings of stress and anxiety by boosting your dopamine levels. Besides, the territory of the Netherlands, in general, is considered relatively flat which makes it perfect for soothing bike rides around your glamping area. Cycling is a typical form of transportation in the country, therefore you have the chance to experience the ultimate Dutch vacation while you roam around the beautiful forests of Gelderland. If you decided to come as a family, then a holiday in the Dutch woods will be an education and an exciting experience for your children, as they can explore the local flora and fauna in a safe environment. provides you with a once in a lifetime opportunity to relax surrounded by nature while having the comforts of a home at the same time.

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