Gites in France with pool

Gites in France with pool

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Gites in France with pool

If you wish to make the most out of a holiday in the French countryside, our list of accommodation options for French gites is a good starting point. A gite is a typical French holiday house, built and furnished in a traditional style and usually located in a peaceful rural area away from the busy streets of popular French towns. The owners of the vacation home are almost always nearby and ready to help you with endless tips and suggestions for your trip. The idea of this accommodation is to immerse yourself in the French rural way of living and experience the countryside first hand. Of course, our gite options are equipped with everything needed for a comfort stay and even more. Take a look at our cottages and lodges and choose the best for your own preferences.

The French Nature

Everybody is aware that Paris draws in millions of tourists every year, enchanting them with romantic lights, abundance of culture, high level cuisine and of course fashion and cosmetic retail shops. However, French culture encompasses much more than what Paris has to offer and there is no better way to understand this than to visit the countryside.

One of the most popular rural regions in France is Provence. World-famous for the cultivation of lavender. However, Provence also includes nature reserves, protected areas, lakes and rivers all worth the visit. For example, Les Calanques is a headland territory on the verge of the Mediterranean Sea. This national park of France is a perfect spot for hikers with numerous paths to explore and enjoy the beautiful panoramas of the region. However, Les Calanques is also popular among mountain bike enthusiasts and rock climbers, both of which enjoy the adrenaline provided by the limestone topography.


Hikers love Auvergne due to the unique natural landscape of the region. The area includes a National park, the land of which lies on top of a thousands of years old volcanoes. The valleys and hills create beautiful panoramic views, seen from any of the hiking trails.

What is French culture without food? If you ask a Frenchman – it doesn’t exist. French cooks are famously known for creating masterpiece works of art with their food and what a better place to experience the richness of traditional food than the heart of Normandy. In terms of cuisine, Normandy is known for the abundance of cheese used in each and every traditional recipe. Camembert, Livarot, Pont l'Evêque, Neufchatel and many more are among the amazing French cheese combinations to try along with a glass of fine wine.

Adrenaline seekers on the other hand, tend to choose between few options. One we already mentioned – rock climbing at Les Calanques. Another possibility to pump your heart up is to go rafting along the tremulous waters of Verdon. This river has created one of the most beautiful gorges throughout Europe, in fact often called the Grand Canyon of Europe. Except for rafting, you could also rent a boat on the calmer parts of the river, or opt in for the circuit hike which provides for incredible views of the gorge.