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Choose between a variety of private Eco villas, all located in the heart of Europe. By Nature, the villas are recognized for their ecologically friendly building technique and materials used during the renovation process. Eco Villas are aimed at reclamation and sustaining the organic character of the surroundings.


A wide variety of flowers such as daisies, purple heather, and the buttercups that bloom on the heaths in spring can be seen in the valleys of Friesland, Netherlands. The most common trees that grow here are oak trees, elm, pine, conifers, linden, and beech. Moreover, Friesland is also a famous destination where multi-colored tulip gardens can be found at fields north of the Netherlands and behind the Northern Sea dunes. Tucked away among its sweeping valleys and ululating hills are flower-filled parks, lush green forests, and spectacular hiking trails. Therefore, it isn't a bad idea to spend a weekend or more in our villas in the Friesland and be close to Nature. More than 300 species of birds have made Friesland their natural habitat, including geese, swans, and some species of ducks and waterfowls, and some Mammals like the red deer, wild boars, foxes, wild rabbits, hedgehogs, and bats are also found here abundantly.

Sweden is also a well-known destination famous for predators such as wild bears, wolves, lynx, and wolverine. Many species of flora like wild arum, strawberry plants, goldenrod, and lily of the valley grow in abundance here. Boar, fox, badger, squirrel, weasel, marten, and hedgehog, and some species from aquatic life are predominantly found in different regions of Belgium.


For chocolate lovers, Belgium is the best place to visit as the culture of chocolate making, and perfecting is appreciated worldwide. Almost every town in Belgium has its chocolate markets, where recipes have often been handed down for decades. This Belgian chocolate is famous for being the best chocolate you can get. Don't forget to enjoy a Belgian waffle with a cup of coffee during your tour. The Belgian waffle is thicker than a regular waffle and has yummy toppings like whipped cream, topping sugar, strawberries, and jam. What else would be better for your sweet tooth cravings?

Strolling along the southwest coast of Portugal, Rota Vicentina is a great network of trails and paths that take you through majestic landscapes and spectacular scenery. Stretching almost Four Hundred kilometers, the scenic hiking terrains take you along pointy cliffs through flower-filled gardens and past verdant forests and seaside towns. If you want to relax and enjoy a little pampering, then don't forget to visit the city of Spa, from which all spas take their name. Choose from our prominent Eco villas in Epse, Dalfsen in the Netherlands, Durbuy and Stoumont in Belgium, and Marmelte in Portugal. Furthermore, you can also check out nearby villas. Just switch to the destination tab and explore a nearby villa for your temporary residence and enjoy the best of your time.