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Travelers who are looking for a holiday home in an area where both nature and culture can be admired, are well catered for in the Italian region of Piedmont. Here the beauty of nature goes hand in hand with history. The region is teeming with regional and national parks and both Roman history and the Middle Ages can be seen in the villages and towns in this beautiful region.

Piedmont is a region in the northwest of Italy. The capital is Turin and this is also one of the largest cities in northern Italy. Piedmont is partly bordered on Switzerland and partly on France, so a day trip to one of these countries is fine. The holiday homes serve as a perfect base for this. The name of this region literally means "at the foot of the mountains" and that basically says enough. Piedmont is a mixture of mountains, hills and plains at the foot of the Alps.


In terms of landscape, the region can be divided into three parts. First of all the Alpine region in the west and the north, with the highest peaks being the Grensgipfel with no less than 4618 meters. Secondly the Po Valley with the major cities and finally the hilly country in the southeast. The region offers a succession of spectacular views over hills and vineyards with castles and small villages. Unique scents and special flavors that blend harmoniously create unexpected surprises. Thousands of kilometers of trails wind through the green countryside, nature reserves and protected areas. The coast of Piedmont is similar to the French Riviera. You can enjoy this environment in a holiday home. For example, choose a nature house in one of the most beautiful valleys (the Val di Susa) in the Turin area on the edge of the large nature reserves.

Lake Maggiore is located in the border region of Italy and Switzerland. A lake which is 60 km in length and a maximum of 10 km in width. The lake has been a tourist attraction for a long time. The European nobility settled en masse in the luxury hotels in the 19th century, or they built their own villas with botanical gardens. This has created an exotic planting along the shores of the lake, with mainly different types of palm trees. There are even some small islands in the Italian part of the lake, the most famous being the Borromean Islands.


Turin is the cultural capital of Piedmont. The precious treasures of the region come from the Baroque period, resulting in buildings with great austerity and statelyness, built by famous architects who were summoned by the Savoy family to decorate the capital of the kingdom. The baroque buildings of Turin such as Palazzo Reale, Palazzo Madama and the church San Lorenzo are famous places for tourists. From medieval times we can still find the Abbey of Staffarda and the fortress of Manta, as well as the Romanesque monastery of San Giulio. Piedmont is a fusion of history, art and culture and an exceptional architectural heritage.


Enjoy the gastronomy

In terms of taste, through centuries of culinary traditions and meticulous attention to ingredients and the quality of local crops, the food on offer is top notch here. The real star of the Piedmontese cuisine is the white Alba truffle. This is also called Piedmont's white gold and is mainly found in Langhe and surroundings. There are unlimited options for gourmets in Piedmont. The chocolate must also be mentioned, in particular the combination of cocoa and hazelnuts that gave rise to the famous Nutella product.

Together with Tuscany, Piedmont is considered the best wine region in Italy. Piedmont is best known for its red wine from the nebiollo grape. The best known red wines from this grape are barolo and barbaresco. In terms of quality, however, barbera and dolcetto have been on the rise in recent years. At many addresses in Piedmont you can enjoy these wines at for example a tasting or a nice glass on the terrace of your holiday home after a day out.


With beautiful paths along rivers, mountain peaks over 4000 meters high and a multitude of parks and nature reserves, you will undoubtedly have a relaxing walk in this area. The winding paths lead you to beautiful places in nature. Many walks are organized in this area, if you like to go out with a group. But of course you can also step into nature from your holiday home. The walking routes vary from simple to more challenging routes, so choose what suits you and put on your walking shoes to enjoy the rolling hills and green plains.

A trip to Switzerland or France

Nothing is more fun than not visiting one, but two countries during your vacation and that is no problem in this region.

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