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The Rhineland-Palatinate region consists of nine regions: Ahr, Eifel, Hunsruck, Naheland, Westerwald, Palatinate, Rhine-Hesse, Moselle-Saar and Romantic Rhine. There is a lot to do in this region, not only in terms of nature, but also in terms of culture. When it comes to nature, the areas of the Eifel and Moselle are particularly popular. And not for nothing of course. These two beautiful natural regions have a lot to offer the nature lover. If you find a holiday home Eifel or a holiday home Moselle with us on the website, you can be sure of one thing: the holiday home Eifel is located in a beautiful natural environment.

Holiday home Eifel

The Eifel National Park stretches out over the south of Germany, while on the west side the area flows into the Ardennes. The area is formed by deciduous forests, grasslands, rocks and flowing streams. In these different types of landscape there are many plants and animals that are hardly ever found anywhere else in Europe. For example, you have the chance to run into a lynx or a wild cat. The chance is unfortunately very small, because both mammals are very shy. There is also a lot to do for the bird lover, in the forests in this region the black stork still nests and you have a good chance of seeing the greyheaded woodpecker. From a holiday home in the Eifel at Natuurhuisje you can often explore the surroundings perfectly. Homeowners generally have information available about the area and will be happy to tell you about the most beautiful hikes or places where you can look for wildlife.

Holiday home Moselle

The Moselle is a 544 kilometre long river that originates in the French Vosges. Near Koblenz the river flows into the Rhine. The river flows through wooded areas and past historic cities. The nature around this river is really amazingly beautiful, it is still extensive here and there are still species that we unfortunately lost in the Netherlands. On your trips along the river you will almost certainly see an osprey. This impressive eagle chases down the river in search of large fish, which he takes out of the water by means of a diving flight. If you are looking for a holiday home in the Moselle to have a look at it with your own eyes, then you should definitely take a look at Natuurhuisje. Here you will almost certainly find a holiday home in the vicinity of the beautiful surroundings of the Moselle.

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You have searched for a holiday home Eifel, a holiday home or holiday home Moselle but unfortunately not found it on this page. Of course this is possible, but also take a look at the region page of North Rhine Westphalia. The Eifel also runs through this region and here you can probably also find a holiday home in the Eifel that is suitable for your holiday in this beautiful area. If you do not find anything here, we recommend you to contact our editorial staff. They know everything about holiday homes in the nature of Germany and can certainly help you on your way in your search for a suitable stay!

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