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Cottages Languedoc-Roussillon

Whether you are looking for easy access to warmer climates or an incredible amount of beautiful scenery, a French holiday in Languedoc-Roussillon offers everything you need to enjoy a stunning holiday.

From the rural green pastures to the north to the sun-kissed paradise on the Riviera, the choice of beautiful places is combined only with the huge selection of our chalets in the Languedoc-Roussillon.

The cottages in Languedoc-Roussillon offer the typical French holiday with golden beaches, blue lagoons and a stunning network of waterways to explore. Enjoy your dream vacation, where you gather the sun all the time or choose a cottage in the interior of the region and you can explore medieval cities and abbeys and breathtaking views of the lush green nature.


In the Camargue, southern France, is a fabulously beautiful lake that has the ability to look quite dramatic. Sometimes, against the setting sun, it looks absolutely red. However, it is known not because of this, but because of the numerous pink flamingos that fly along its shores.

This breathtaking natural phenomenon was created due to the high levels of salt in the water. Salt crystals can be seen everywhere, and if you come across it when it has acquired its reddish color, you will decide that it is a scene from an alien movie. For decades, it has been the subject of lively interest from tourists from all over the world.

The lake in the Camargue is located in a swampy area around smaller lakes, among which are some of the most popular French resorts. As early as 1927, the Kamarga region was declared a reserve, and in 1970 it became a national park.

About 400 species of birds live in the lake in the Camargue and the marshes belonging to it, 160 of which are migratory. The diversity of fish is also great, which is why any oil spill from the Marseille refineries is considered catastrophic for the ecosystem.

Perhaps the main reason why it is worth visiting the lake in the Camargue is the famous love dance of the flamingo, which takes place in the spring. Then the organizers of the ornithological park lure these lovely birds with rice and they fill all the lagoons around.

You can visit the lake in the Camargue at any time of the year, but it is best to do so in the spring or summer. The famous one-week games are organized on Easter, and horse races are held in July.


The Languedoc-Roussillon region is considered the main center for wine production in the country. Lush vineyards and wineries can be seen everywhere, and in every town in the countryside there are certainly cozy restaurants where you can try the best drinks. In addition to the gastronomic sights in the countryside, many historical landmarks have been preserved and the amazing beauty of nature will not leave any traveler indifferent.

The capital of the province of Languedoc is Toulouse, a beautiful old town that carefully preserves the monuments of medieval architecture. In the historic center of the city is the beautiful church of Saint-Georges, as well as the town hall and the Capitol. The best place for tourism is the embankment of the Midi canal, and nature lovers should definitely visit the local botanical garden. In the vicinity of Toulouse there are many remarkable cities and towns: Albi, Cord and Custer - each of them has interesting museums and many cultural institutions.

The historic town of Gruissan is considered one of the most interesting and unusual resorts in the region. It was founded hundreds of years ago at the foot of an extinct volcano; today the resort attracts its guests with miniature guesthouses and villas located on the mountain slopes. Most of them are focused on a quiet family vacation, and in the coastal area of ​​the resort there are large modern hotels with large territory and developed infrastructure. Gruissan is a great holiday destination for water sports enthusiasts, with first-class yacht clubs, diving centers, sailing centers and other sports facilities.

La Grande Motte Resort is popular with lovers of beach holidays and scenic walks. Its main advantage is considered to be spacious beaches with fine soft sand, and to the shore begins a very beautiful hilly area. There are many hiking trails here. While walking, you can climb the tops of the hills and admire the beautiful scenery, as well as see the lakes located in this area.

Languedoc-Roussillon beaches and resorts

The local resort of Gruissan, without exaggeration, can be considered one of the most beautiful and picturesque places in this region. This is due to the fact that he, as well as Cap d'Aj, originated at the foot of a volcano that has fallen asleep forever. You can practice various types of beach sports, go out to sea on a sail or on a luxury yacht, dive and enjoy the variety of underwater life on the Mediterranean.

In addition, guests of the resort will enjoy numerous tasting events in ancient wine cellars, where in addition to wine, they offer to taste the world-famous French cheeses. Much attention is also paid to cultural entertainment, national-style dance parties are often held and folklore festivals are organized according to old local traditions.

If the main purpose of your vacation is a beach holiday and nature walks, then you can safely go to the resort of La Grande Motte. The widest coastline of the region is located here, dotted with the finest sand, and immediately behind it begins an unsurpassed hilly area, where lakes with crystal clear waters meet from time to time.

If you prefer a holiday with a variety of bars, small restaurants, souvenir shops and breathtaking attractions, go to the resort of Lecat-Barkare. It is located in a quiet harbor, where historic villas rise directly to the sea.


Languedoc Roussillon is the southernmost region of France, located on the shores of the Mediterranean. The region is known for its warm and dry climate, especially with warm winters and hot summers.

Despite the heat and dryness, the climate in the region differs in different areas. Due to the difference in terrain, some departments, such as Lozere, will survive the cold and snowy winter. At the same time, the weather on the shore remains mild. It rains quite rarely in the region, but like the Cote d'Azur it can be quite strong.

Mediterranean climate(southeast): hot and dry summers; the rainy season lasts from October to April(humid and mild climate); many sunny days a year. Precipitation: 600-1000mm per year.

When is the best time to visit?

Languedoc-Roussillon has a true Mediterranean climate: hot summers(average 18°C to 27°C) and mild winters, sometimes with rain. It is most convenient to travel here in May, June and October. In the summer, not very pleasant dry winds blow in the north: mistral and tramontan.

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