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Longing for some quiet time in nature? It’s now possible with our nature houses with a contactless stay! This way you can spend a holiday in nature without coming into contact with others.

What is a contactless stay?

A contactless stay means that during your stay you don’t have to get in contact with anyone, and you don’t have to share the rooms and facilities of your accommodation. The key for your nature house is prepared for you in advance, and breakfast is set up without having to see each other. In the end, you get to stay with without seeing anyone else - a soulful retreat in complete solitude! The nature houses offering this experience can be recognized by the green label ‘contactless stay’. On this page you’ll find numerous options of accommodation to suit your needs. If you’d like to make use of a non-contact stay, then make sure you book a house with the label, and agree this with the landlord. You will receive the contact details of the landlord from us in the confirmation email of your booking. Of course, you can always book a nature house without using the contactless stay, it's just an option.

Go out into nature!

A secluded cottage in the middle of nature, where you can spend a relaxing and quiet holiday without having contact with others… Haven’t you always longed for something like this? Tranquil landscapes and greenery all around you. Just stop for a second and listen to wind playing with the trees, the songs of the chirping birds, the cracking sounds of the forest animals... A natural scene where you can finally escape the hectic everyday life and really come in peace with nature. It’s what more and more people are looking for. And with a contactless stay we can make this possible.

Spend a weekend away in nature with your partner, family, or friends. In some homes you can even bring your dog with you! Take this valuable time to enjoy each other’s company. Don’t rush, just forget about your busy days and immerse in nature. It’s also the perfect time for a digital detox! Spend time in the greater outdoors, take your daily dose of sun, and recharge your batteries for months ahead. Ramble in the countryside, take leisure strolls on the beach, or go for a challenging hike in the mountains! You can always bring your bike with you and enjoy rides that uncover breathtaking landscapes. Stop along the way for a delicious picnic, go flower picking, or mushroom hunting, if you wish. In the evening you can gather by the campfire for a nice family dinner outside. You’ll come home completely relaxed!

Find the best home to suit your needs

We are more than happy that many landlords have signed up to offer a contactless stay. This resulted in a large offer, so you have plenty of housing options to choose from. Now everyone who likes a bit more privacy has a suitable cottage. From larger villas and chalets, to small cabins and modern tiny houses. And you can find accommodation in the mountains and forests, in the lush meadows and fields, by the water, or a completely remote place in the middle of nowhere. Our mission is to inspire people to go out into nature, by any means possible! Would you like to go away for a weekend or week without contact with others? Take a look at our nature houses with contactless accommodation and go out into nature!

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