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Bungalow Groningen

A city with a lot of history, nature parks and a lot of different attractions. The destination is perfect for a family holiday, romantic vacation or a party weekend with your friends. Our bungalows are big enough to accommodate all of you. Also every bungalow is well equipped so you will not miss anything you got used to. Book a bungalow in Groningen for your next holiday and enjoy it!

North Park(Noorderplantsoen)

A very beautiful and clean park practically in the center of the city. Not only seagulls and ducks swim in the ponds, but also gorgeous swans and some charming birds. All of them are almost tame, you can feed them with bread. Couples with pets slowly walk along the paths, athletes run around(both in the daytime and at night). Interestingly, in the warm season, real festivals are held here! People can not only sit on lawns, but also swim on inflatable mattresses in reservoirs(their poor inhabitants!). In general, it is very good - quiet, calm, not crowded. You can come to sunbathe, get some air, relieve stress after shopping. In the dark, the park is well lit, so walking is not at all scary.

City Park(Stadspark)

Large green park in the southwest of the city. Even in winter, it never ceases to be green: firstly, green lawns, and secondly, foliage on some trees. A great place for a walk with children - in the park there are not only playgrounds, but also enclosures with animals that can be hand-fed and stroked. Besides, it is great for cycling :) Admission is free.

Lake Paterswoldsemeer

Although not really a park, this place is perfect for walking and relaxing. You can walk around, breathe fresh air, admire the water surfaces. In the warm season, it will be great to take a boat or kayak and swim on the lake for pleasure, go to the mill and bake bread with your own hands. There are cozy and spacious cafes and restaurants not far from the boat station. In the colder period, you can simply walk along the lake itself, and around it. You won't want to leave! Why is it attractive? You can come here at any time of the year and enjoy your vacation not only alone, but also with your soul mate, family or friends. It is not forbidden to organize a barbecue party or a picnic here. All opportunities are provided for fishing, photography, walking in the style of "thinking about the eternal." In summer, of course, it is more crowded here, so I advise you to take your seats early in the morning. But you will get a beautiful tan, swim(including on a boat), enjoy nature around. Local cafes and restaurants are happy to welcome guests, and the prices are without additional allowances "for a seat", the service is excellent. Of course, the mill! It functions during the warm season, so you can personally observe the process of its work and participate in it - it is priceless. Even in winter people go there to meet the sunrise or enjoy the sunset on a platform by the water.

Things to do in Groningen

Despite the small size of the city, it is always interesting here. You can feed the birds in a pond in one of the parks(or walk through several parks). As a rule, each park has its own pond or several, where swans, various ducks live, and seagulls fly in. You are guaranteed to be filled with positive emotions. You can stroll through the quiet old streets with typical Dutch buildings, without shops and cafes. Walk along the embankments of rivers and canals, admire the ships passing by, or even be a guest of one of them. Bypass the central bustling part of the city, where all the shopping streets are collected, visit the central square and nearby buildings of cultural value(for example, the Martini Tower). Take a bus or bicycle tour of the city. On festival days: attend several performances(usually the stages are scattered around Groningen).

In Groningen, you can see children everywhere - on bicycles with their parents, on my bicycles, in trailers for the bicycles of seniors. This applies to both toddlers(up to one year old) and those who already know how to sit and even walk. In terms of movement, everything seems to be pretty safe. There are no problems with wheelchairs - the city has ramps, elevators, comfortable slopes and footpaths.

In cafes and restaurants, most often you will find not only highchairs, but also a special menu with healthy food, cleverly veiled under the one that children love the most. In addition, there are special children's cafes(with appropriate decoration and prices above average). Playgrounds are not so common, but contact zoos will be of interest to everyone - in Stadspark, for example. There are also playgrounds. Free admission.


Summer - it's an amazing cool time to visit Groningen! First make a very pleasant weather, the birds are singing, the city is surrounded by lush greenery - a fairy tale. Second, you can take a boat rental and/or kayak and swim in the lake or river or canal. Usually local events take place nearer the water in the morning. So, if you decide to sunbathe, better go very early. Third, a variety of festivals taking place there, always attract both local and residents of other cities, including Groningen. Fourth, you can finally bake a hlebushek of personally cooked meals at this mill! In addition, the summer months pleasing comfort temperature (+20°C - 26°C).

Nothing unusual going on in the fall - all as a great time to visit Groningen. Autumn - the eyes of the charm! The weather is sunny, although it becomes cooler - average temperature is from +5°C to +15°C. There are very warm and sunny days in October! The star of this season - the market, which affects an incredible variety of the crop of divine prices. parks and alleys beauty fascinate, walk and photo hunting then you can without getting tired.

Spring starts in February-March. The temperature rises to +18°С during the day, and at night it stays stable at around +10°С. It is very sunny, although light rains still occur, at least you can ride your bike. According to local residents, spring is exactly the time when they leave their homes, go out into gardens, parks, bring beauty after winter, both in their gardens and on the streets and parks near their home, - they clear the lawns of old grass and last year's foliage, flower onions are planted, gardens and facades of houses are decorated with decor. Citizens revive - nature revives. Spring is the tulip season not only in Koyukenkoff, but throughout Holland. The weather allows you to finally throw off your jacket and just go for a ride, enjoy the beauty around. Consider that there are already significantly more people on the streets, including on bike paths! be careful when maneuvering. There are still not as many tourists as in the summer, so skim the cream off.

Winter Groningen is no doubt good! The weather is predominantly sunny(young people do not take off their sneakers), the temperature is more often above zero than below zero. The lowest temperature is around +5°С(at night). During the day, a severe frost is at –1°С, sometimes +10°С lasts for several days. It also rains. If there is a minus, then it is snowing, which is enough for a day or two. However, the townspeople are very happy with him - in recent years, snow has become a rare phenomenon in their area. In houses, shops, cafes, premises are very well heated: even if you are lightly dressed, do not freeze. In general, the roads and sidewalks are dry, cycling is still comfortable, although it can be a little cold for the face from the wind. November kicks off the city's Christmas preparations season - in the evenings, Groningen is fabulous with the abundance of lights and decorations. Holiday fairs with mulled wine and biscuits create a cozy and warm atmosphere.

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