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A beautiful holiday in Europe’s largest mountain chain

The alps are one of the most magnificent mountain chains in the world and have been attracting local and international tourists for centuries. Spread across 7 European countries, the Alps is a wonderful choice for anyone seeking a nature-based vacation. Breath-taking views and incredible panoramas contribute a marvelous experience which is now accessible with We offer stays in alpine huts, perfect for nature enthusiasts as well as people who simply want a recharging vacation away from busy streets and crowded places.

The outstanding Alpine woodlands

Needless to say, the Alps are a terrific choice if you want to take some time off and rejuvenate surrounded by nothing but the sounds and aroma of the forest. However, the territory of the Alps is so large that the surroundings during your stay depend entirely on your area of choice. One of the most popular Alpine locations is definitely Switzerland, which regardless of its small size the country has some of the best natural sights of the mountain chain. The lowlands of the Swiss national have cypress, orange, and almond trees but even when you pass the snowline you can find a diversity of plants such as the famous edelweiss.

It is hard to compare the Swiss to French Alps, nevertheless, the French Alps have their own charm and the flora slightly differs. The wild anemones, pastures, and the rearer big gentian can all be encountered around your Alpine hut. The Alpine wildlife is also diverse, ranging from species such as the majestic ibex and lynxes to birds of prey like the vulture and the golden eagle. Yet, rest assured that regardless of the country and region of your choice, a retreat in an Alpine hut will be a one in a lifetime experience, and all you have to do is reserve your own cozy house in the woods with

What can you do during your vacation?

The Alps are a popular holiday destination for winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding, and even husky dog sledding. The most popular season to visit the Alps is winter due to the remarkable views of snowy peaks, still, springtime also provides several activity possibilities such as hiking, bungee jumping, kite surfing, and mountain biking. But even if you’re not a fan of extreme sports there are still numerous ways to enjoy the outstanding Alp nature. Perhaps soothing walks around your Alpine hut or simply having a picnic by the local lake are what you need. A vacation in the Alps is also perfect for family vacations. It is no secret that a Christmas in the Alps is an astonishing experience especially for children as they get to experience the absolute snowy Christmas day while they make snowmen and play around the Christmas tree. Some huts that offers are larger, making them suitable for friend groups as well. The possibilities for having the ultimate cozy getaway are countless and now convenient with