Tiny house family

Tiny house family

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Tiny house family

Spending time with your family is an important element for maintaining a healthy relationship with your closest people. And family vacations are a great way to do so. However, living in the 21st century many people are not only bored with the traditional concept of holiday trips but also seek more atypical ways to satisfy their needs during their time off. The average person needs to spend more time surrounded by nature which has proven to be crucial for one’s mental health. Nature.house offers stays in tiny houses spread across Europe perfect for any family vacation. Reserve now and enjoy a relaxing retreat in a leafy location.

The environment around your tiny house family

Regardless if you’re a summer child or winter lover, taking a vacation in a tiny house is always a good idea. The small structure of the houses allows people to rediscover their connection with nature while rejuvenating from the busy urban reality. Therefore, the nature around your tiny family house depends entirely on your area of choice. Perhaps you chose to spend some time with your family during the winter where you can enjoy a snowy Christmas holiday. If this is the case then countries in central Europe such as Germany and Austria are perfect for the occasion as they have some of the best Alpine views and breath-taking panoramas.

Furthermore, if you feel drawn to rather flatter areas where you can enjoy a mild summer away from the heat, then the tiny houses in the Netherlands and Belgium would be a great choice. Those areas are home to beautiful woodlands and species such as badgers, deers, and many bird species that could be encountered during your vacation in a tiny family house. On the other hand, France is great during the spring as you witness the awakening of the wildlife and blooming vegetation, picture-perfect panoramas, and the wonderful aroma of the pine forest. At the same time, Spain is fantastic for a summer vacation where you and your family can explore the local virgin beaches and enjoy the classic Spanish sun. Europe’s nature is so diverse and all you must do is decide where you want to spend some time with your family.

Outdoor activities during your retreat

Staying at a tiny house surrounded by nature provides every family to spend some quality time together especially if that involves children on board. It is important for the smallest members of your clan to discover the wondrous world of nature and as you take them on hikes, walks, bike rides, and scavenger hunts they can learn more about the natural beauty of Europe. However, a family retreat does not always mean you must bring along your kids, as a romantic getaway could also be considered a family event. Couple activities such as stargazing in the Dutch woodlands which have been voted for the clearest skies in Europe or drinking wine on the porch of your tiny house in Italy during the grape harvest are all fabulous ways to enjoy some time off. Nature.house provides you with an accessible way to enjoy Europe’s best locations and the cozy tiny houses.