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Tiny house Austria

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A recharging holiday in a tiny house in Austria

Taking some time off is important for anyone leading a busy life and while reconnecting with nature also contributes to stress relief, it is a common misconception that it requires demanding planning and it’s inaccessible. Although, the average modern person does not always have time to organize a nature-based holiday, reserving such accommodation and ending up not using the entire capacity of the house anyway is typically the case. This is where Nature.house comes in hand - we offer stays in tiny houses on nature-based locations spread across the country of Austria. Austria is not only a fantastic natural location but it also provides the perfect weather conditions for any preference. Reserve now and enjoy some of the most beautiful landscapes of central Europe and rest assured that convenience and accessibility are what Nature.house stands for.

The astonishing beauty of Austria

Austria has an extremely convenient location as it shares borders with Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein. Being a central European country, a large part of the territory of Austria includes sections of the majestic mountain chain of the Alps, making it perfect for nature-based tourism. Lovely views and spectacular sights can be seen through the windows of your tiny house, as Austria never disappoints in terms of natural beauty. Austria has warm and dry summers and cold snowy winters, making it perfect for long summer retreats as well as cozy Christmas vacations for anyone seeking some peace and quiet on a leafy location.

The flora and fauna of Austria are extremely diverse, leaving visitors with the impression that they are living in a fairytale. Home to six national parks, species such as deers, ibexes, badgers, and the extremely rare bee-eaters inhabit the territory of the country. Around the nearby rivers and lakes surrounding your tiny house in Austria, you could encounter many birds of prey like vultures, eagles, falcons, and harrows. The great woodlands of the Alps allow local and international tourists to discover nature in its raw original state and to come eye to eye with its stunning beauty.

Staying active during your stay in a tiny house in Austria

Due to the accessibility to the Alps, Austria is a popular destination for winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding, sledding, and snowshoeing. But even if you’re not an adrenaline-seeker or if you simply chose to spend some time off during the warmer months of the year then worry not - the territory is perfect for any outdoor activities like canoeing, hiking, or just walking around the marvelous poppy flower fields surrounding your tiny house. For bird watching activities, you might want to go to the eastern part of the country around the National Park Neusiedler See where you could witness more than 320 species of birds. Being closer to nature is a rejuvenating experience and nature.house gives you the chance to reconnect with the environment in an accessible and convenient way, allowing you to discover Austria’s best locations.