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Tents are hot! Unique, adventurous, and authentic, they are perfect for your stay in nature. Even though tent houses are a form of a primitive accommodation, on this page you can find modern tents that have all the necessary amenities, and more! You can continue reading if you want to know more about our European tents and how to choose the best fit for your holiday; or just look at our selection below and book right away!

Tent accommodation with Nature.house

Group housing in larger tents for 8 , 10 , or 12 people, or a tiny home for a truly intimate and romantic stay, it's all possible. Most of our 'marquees' are equipped with all the necessities you might need from your holiday home - a comfortable bed, kitchen to cook your own means, private sanitary facilities. That's no more than you need if you want to focus on nature and the great outdoors during your stay. But you can also combine this with wellness activities and rent a tent house with a sauna and / or jacuzzi! In our more luxury homes you will have a special glamping holiday. And you have the option to choose between safari tents, yurts, farming tents, cottages, bungalows, and more. For your summer break you should book a home with a swimming pool and enjoy the water and sun in private. And for the winter months, go for a tent with a fireplace! You will feel so cozy and warm, even in this simple home. Some tented lodges have additional amenities that you can find useful, like a washing machine, dishwasher, and a TV. The best part, however, is that most of the homes have a garden with furniture and fruits, vegetables, and herbs that you could use to prepare a healthy lunch and dinner.

Activities in nature

When you are in nature you have all the freedom to practice any outdoor activities you love! If you are a sports enthusiast, you should think about the specific natural surroundings before booking. Our themes in nature are displayed on the left side of the page for you to choose from. Fishing, swimming, canoeing, kayaking, and boat trips are easy to organize if you rent a 'marquee' by the water (lakes, rivers) or near the sea. For hiking or mountain biking / cycling choose a tent in the mountain ranges . That's also the best option for skiing and snowboarding, but if you want to engage in any winter sports you should also think about the right season and country to do it. Apart from these themes, you can also find European tents deep in the forest, or in the fields. It would be a great place for picnics with your whole family, or meditation and long walks to refresh your mind in the peaceful and quiet surrounding.

A truly sustainable holiday

In essence, tents are a sustainable accommodation, so that's one way that you lower the carbon footprint during your holiday. But you always make a contribution to wildlife and the natural world when you book your stay with us, no matter what accommodations you choose. It's because we plant a tree for every night you spend in our homes! For every newsletter subscription as well. Now, go back to the homes, pick the right tent, and start planning your dream camping experience. For a true adventure, plan a last minute tent holiday right away. Enjoy!

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