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Tent in the woods

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Tent in the woods

If you are curious to have a peculiar and unique way to some time off, recharge from the challenging city life, or simply connect with nature, then you have come to the right place. Nature.house offers stays in tents in the woods in different locations, spread around the central and western parts of Europe, contributing to an unforgettable experience for you and your partner, family, or friends. A retreat in a tent in the woods provides extreme comfort and the ultimate cozy getaway for anyone bored with the ordinary perception of vacation and wishing to escape large crowded places, enjoying some peace and quiet.

A holiday in a tent in the woods is a marvelous way for an unconventional break and thanks to Nature.house’s variety of accommodations, you don’t have to bother with the irritating process of buying, carrying, and assembling a tent, which is known to be an extremely unpleasant experience by camping enthusiasts. You can simply lay back and rest assured that we have taken care of that and all you have to do is allow yourself to take a vacation in a beautiful area, surrounded by the local nature. Moreover, the tents are extremely modern as the structures remind more of a small house rather than a bumpy primitive camping tent. With Nature.house you do not have to be a sophisticated bohemian in order to have an extraordinary respite in a nomad style.


The tents in the woods that Nature.house presents are spread across the central and western parts of Europe, therefore, your surroundings during your vacation depend on your area of choice. Nevertheless, the forests of Europe are exceptionally beautiful regardless of the location and are perfect for spending the summer holiday or spring break. If you feel drawn to Central Europe, such as Germany, then you will not be disappointed. A retreat in the German woods is a marvelous way to recharge during the warmer months of the year. The fascinating German forests remind of the ones described in the magical tales of the Grimm brothers, as they originate from that area.

Yet, a stay in Belgium or the Netherlands, for instance, located in the western part of the continent, is also an ideal way to spend some time off. The forests are fairly flatter than in the rest of Europe, and consequently, they are an ideal choice for people who prefer calm walks instead of hiking. Also, the fauna in Belgium and the Netherlands is not known to be incredibly diverse, however, the forests are truly safe for inexperienced individuals, as no big mammals live in the woods. Rabbits, foxes, and a diversity of birds can be spotted around Dutch and Belgian many lakes located in the local woods. A vacation in a tent in the woods is an incredible way to not only connect with nature but also to rejuvenate as you experience an astonishing getaway surrounded by the remarkable thickets.


No matter if you chose to come alone, as a couple or as a family, a vacation in a tent in the woods is an excellent opportunity for anyone who would like to experience an unusual, affordable, and authentic holiday. A retreat in the woods is an absolutely romantic experience suitable for any couple trying to escape from the traditional approach of spending time off. A retreat surrounded by nature, in the middle of a forest, where you have picnics beside the lake and stargaze around the campfire truly sounds like a dream. Yet, you have the wonderful opportunity to make this dream come true by reserving your tent for your next vacation.

Even if you decide to come as a family and take your kids to rediscover their connection with nature, a holiday in a tent is a perfect way to spend some time with your little ones. In that case, many activities during your stay can not only entertain the smallest members of your family but it could also be a very educational experience for them as you take them on scavenger hunts, examine the local flora and fauna, climb and explore nearby trees and bushes, or simply hike through the forest as you tell them stories about the local nature and collect interesting leaves.

If a retreat surrounded by nature is something you have been wanting to do alone, then worry not - this type of vacation is also perfect for lone wolves. Developing and maintaining a connection with nature can increase the feeling of calmness and belonging, as it could also boost creativity, contributing to an unforgettable experience. Rediscovering your bond with the Earth creates a positive environment for writing, painting, or simply reading as you breathe in the fresh aroma of pine woods and listen to the nearby blue through.


A vacation in a tent in the woods is recommended to take place during the summer season or the warmer months of the year, due to the limited heating possibilities in such a construction. On the other hand, the weather during your stay also depends on the location of your choice. For instance, the countries of Belgium and the Netherlands are normally more rainy areas, however, during the summer the rains stop pouring as much and you can enjoy a peaceful and chillier holiday in your tent. Nevertheless, if you decide to rent a tent in Portugal, for example, then you are probably going to experience a warmer vacation as the country itself is located on the South West of the continent and is generally known for a softer climate. Therefore, you have to determine what type of climate you would enjoy, and based on that you can select a tent in the woods, contributing to an extraordinary experience.