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Imagine - a beautiful house somewhere in the mountains for you and your loved ones. Away from the crowds and surrounded by unspoiled nature. Relaxing atmosphere and breathtaking views every direction you look. Is this something that you are looking for? If so, then keep reading and get inspired for your weekend or vacation getaway from the amazing houses that you will be able to find on the website.

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Mountain house

If you choose one of our offers for renting a mountain house, you will feel the pleasure of a real vacation combined with active sports. Take a look at our mountain house offers, choose your next destination in Europe and be ready for the next adventure! All of the mountain houses are fully equipped so you are not going to miss anything, just grab your clothes and you are ready to go on.

Why to book a house in the mountains from

On the website you will be able to find more than 800 holiday houses in the mountains. We have different types of houses all over Europe and other countries such as Greece, Turkey and Cyprus. The wide scope will definitely broaden your options. Wanting to go on a trip but not too far from your home? Then we suggest you check if there are any houses in the mountains in your country or the neighboring countries. This will be a great option if you do not like flying, you are traveling with kids or you are looking for a quick weekend getaway. However, if it is the time of the year when you are looking for the nicest holiday house in the mountains, somewhere where you can experience different weather conditions and you are open for traveling, we also have something for you! Keep reading!

Unique animals in Europe


Spraying and singing in the waters of the Italian coast, the beautiful dolphins are a wonderful sight. While everyone has probably seen dolphins in photos, water parks, or zoos in Europe, nothing compares to the swimming and admiration of these beautiful creatures. The best time to see dolphins is in the summer, when it is warmer, and you can go on a boat tour to observe dolphins.

Gray sharks

When most people hear a "shark", the most natural reaction is squeaky and scared. However, the mighty hair shark can be huge and frightening in size, but this shark eats only plankton. Therefore, you can feel completely safe around 12 tons and 12 meters of fish. Basking Shark is the second largest shark in the UK, and is best seen from the rocks in the summer. So, if you see a large triangular fin and a gray body, then swing and prepare your camera to click the Basking Shark.


Porridge, Porridge, is the wolverine's nickname in Latin, translated into gluten. This unusual name fits the largest member of the Mustelidae family - ideal as they have an unusually large appetite. For this reason, wolverines can travel far in search of food, and can now be found all over Europe.

Alpine goat

At 4000m high, between the snowy mountain peaks, next to rocky cliffs, you will find the alpine ibex. With horns that can grow up to 140 cm, this mountain goat is one of the most impressive and unique animals in Europe. In the first place, inhabiting the European Alps, the alpine goat is not so easy to spot compared to sharks and green lizards. In addition, their hooves make it easier for Ibex to climb up and escape from predators in the rocky Alps.

Ideas about your nature holiday in the mountains

The Matterhorn in Switzerland

From Gornergat to the Rothorn mountain peaks, the Matterhorn can be admired from anywhere in Zermatt. The Matterhorn snow cap and its triangular shape create incredibly picturesque mountain views. In spring or winter, the famous Matterhorn is an amazing holiday destination in the mountains. You can find the Matterhorn in the Swiss Alps and choose between climbing 4,478 meters, or hiking on the most popular route from Zermatt through the Hornli hut. The hiking in the Matterhorn is one of the most picturesque hikes in Europe, deep in the green Swiss meadows. Thus, you will have many places for magnificent clicks and breathtaking views while admiring the beauty of nature.

High Dachstein In Austria

The second highest mountain in Austria is Hocher Dachstein, located in the charming town of Hallstatt. Hoher Dachstein offers the most scenic views of the mountains and lakes in winter and summer. In summer, you will admire the green and blossoming karst mountain. In winter, go skiing from the top of the mountain. However, the most scenic mountain views in Hallstatt should be at Point 5 on Lake Hallstatt. If you visit from April to September, wear warm winter layers, as at this time of year it can still snow and freeze. You can reach this amazing view by cable car, unless you prefer hiking all the way for a more rewarding and exciting experience.

The Pyrenees

The magnificent Pyrenees offer the most beautiful mountain views. The Seven Mountains in France, the Vosges, the Jura, the Massif Central, the Armorican Massif, and the Corsican Massif. This mountain range is so massive that you will have to walk from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean. Not only will you be able to visit the charming ancient towns, but you will also have the invaluable chance to admire another natural wonder. This miracle is, of course, the Grand Cascade de Gavarnie or the Gavarnie waterfall. With a drop of 422m, this is the second highest waterfall in Europe.

Rock Preikestolen, Norway

The Norwegian rock is about 10 thousand years old. Over 600 meters high, the Preikestolen observation deck offers stunning views of the picturesque fjord, and this majestic site is rightly considered one of the most beautiful in the world. If you go further and climb a little higher, you will reach the Kyёrag plateau. It is famous for the huge cobblestones of Kjøragbolten, sandwiched between the rocks, which according to tourists can be climbed without special equipment. But be extremely careful: the giant stone is located almost a kilometer above the ground.

Climate in Europe

Europe is part of the continent of Eurasia, where in the European part there are more plains, mountainous areas occupy about 17% of European territory. The climate of Europe in most of its territory is temperate, also in the west, near the coast, the climate is oceanic, in the east it is continental, and in the southern part of Europe the Mediterranean climate prevails.

Available accommodation in the mountains on

The nice thing about available houses on is that you will have a plenty of beautiful and completely different types of houses to choose from. Interested in ancient, modern or even luxurious types of houses? We have it all! Just imagine spending your summer vacation in a unique and cozy hut somewhere in Switzerland, Slovenia, Austria or Iceland. If you are looking for a different type of accommodation in the mountains, on website you will be able to find many other types of houses such as cabins, chalets, tiny houses and much more. Want to enhance your experience and make your trip unforgettable? Then book a cottage with a private swimming pool. We guarantee that it will bring a lot of joy and will be a fun place for water activities in the hot summer months.

Asides from having a wonderful time in the mountains in the summer months, it is also an amazing place for winter holidays. Try to imagine the beautiful views that will be all over the place looking at any direction. Everything covered in white light snow… Also, the large area around the house would definitely bring a lot of ideas for a snow day – making a snowman, snow-angels, doing a fun snowball fight and many other fun activities. After a fun day outdoors, it could be a nice idea to warm up in a sauna. Therefore, be sure to check whether your intended holiday house in the mountains has a sauna. In fact, staying in the mountains for the Christmas holidays and awaiting New Year’s Eve also could be a nice idea! Rent a villa or a large apartment and have all your family or friends together and let the fun begin!