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Want to explore Croatia in an authentic way? Stay in one of our self-catering cottages in the countryside. They are always situated in nature and away from the crowds. So, stay with us and find yourself amazed by views of the sea, mountains, forests, and fields. There are eight national parks and eleven protected regional nature parks spread all across the country. Those areas harbour beauty beyond comparison!

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Cottages in Croatia

Pack your bags, grab your passport and prepare yourself for Croatia to leave you in complete awe with its natural beauty. As one of the ecologically best-preserved countries of Europe, Croatia offers you stunning landscapes, countless of animal and plant species and a perfect climate to enjoy. 10% of the entire country is protected in 8 national parks and 12 nature reserves, and of course their stunning beaches cannot be forgotten. Get lost in the lush forests, spot waterfalls, see ancient architecture structures, swim in the lakes or jump of the high cliffs. Whether you are looking for a relaxing holiday or an adventurous one, Croatia offers your both!

What better way to discover the beauty of this country than by staying in a Nature house directly located in Croatia’s splendid environment. You can wake up each morning in the most serene location, watch the sunset and get ready for your day of exploration. And at the end of the day, you can truly relax in the most authentic way possible and watch the sun set. Our nature houses are located in truly breath-taking settings and will ensure a unique stay for your holiday in Croatia.

Fall in love with Croatia

With its many national parks and diverse landscapes such as caves, highlands, beaches and islands, Croatia harbors many animals and plant species. Croatia is split into three different regions which all offer diverse environments. The northeast coast is marked by small mountain ranges, waterways and many lakes. You can also find many deciduous forests which are perfect for hiking and discover off-beaten trails. The Dinaric mountains, located in the center of the country, are characterized by coniferous forests and act as a watershed between the coast and the Danube. In the forests many endangered animal species such as the golden jackal, lynx, brown bears or wolfs have their home. The coastal region is dominated by the Mediterranean with pine forests, bays and mostly dry landscapes. Certain regions are perfect for vineyards or orchards.

Next to the impressive coastline, Croatia is also famous for its caves. Did you know that there are more than 10.000 caves around the country? As impressive as it is, there are only 40 caves open for visitors, so we wouldn’t recommend individual visits without an official accompaniment. Don’t let this dissuade you from exploring the ones that are open. Otherwise, you’ll miss witnessing interesting geomorphological phenomena like sand dunes and erosions. Travel by boat or go hiking in one of the Croatian caves to enjoy incredible views of blue waters, cave decorations, and the remains of extinct cave

For bird lovers, Croatia is basically a paradise. Throughout the country, you can find over 350 different kinds of birds. Some of the rarest and most notable birds are the serpent eagles, golden eagles and the griffon vultures. Usually, they can be found in remote mountain areas which are very well protected. In the north of the country a great number of waterfowls and march inhabitants can be spotted such as herons and coots.

If you are into diving and snorkeling, the diverse marine life of Croatia is something you have to see with your own eyes! In the warm clear blue water, sponges, corals, breams and monk fish blossom. Also, sea urchins and sea cucumbers can be found, so watch your feet. If you are lucky you might spot sea turtles or dolphins. And that’s not all, Croatia is among one of the richest countries in Europe concerning species of flora. In some locations even up to 3000 different kinds of plants grow. In summer, the meadows are completely colored with countless of flowers and plants.

The variety of Croatian landscapes doesn’t end here. The country has an archipelago of more than 1.200 islands in the Adriatic Sea, more than enough for all the beach lovers. This large number makes up for a diversity of islands - from completely empty and secluded islands, with just one lighthouse, to islands that are a lively summer destination filled with bars and luxury night clubs. As you’ve probably guessed, most Croatian islands have no people at all. A whole 80% of them, to be precise.

Still, the islands are often home to a variety of animals like deers of dolphins. Rent a boat and travel around to explore the wildlife on land and underwater! A famous island with many yacht owners is Hvar. Described by many as the ritz, it’s a luxury place where rich people love to spend their time. If you feel like you’d prefer to go back to basics with a natural experience, go southwest of Hvar Town and find the Pakleni archipelago with isles cov

How to spend your days in Croatia?

Due to the location of the country and the different states that once ruled over Croatia, the culture has been strongly influenced by many others. It’s still wonderful to see how each state managed to keep its regional traditions alive to this day. This is not only found back in the kitchen but also in the many old buildings that are full of history. You could for example visit the Roman Amphitheater of Pula, the historic complex in Split and Dubrovnik’s Old Town. It is located on the Dalmatian Coast. For more cultural experiences you can also visit the region of Istria. It offers a great combination of historical sites and hidden natural beauties like the Škarlina park and Mramornica Cave.

As for the outdoor adventures that are possible in the nature of Croatia, you already have an idea that the list is just endless. From water-based adventures like snorkeling, scuba diving, and swimming with dolphins, you can also go paragliding, mountaineering, and mountain biking. Other activities that can be fun for the whole family are long hikes, camping in the forest, rafting in one of the thrashing streams, or just a relaxing picnic by the river. If you’re travelling alone, then pick a peaceful and quiet place close to your cottage and meditate in the sun.

Natural wonders

Krka National Park

This national park is named after the river with the same name and created in order to protect it. The park is characterized by countless waterfalls, ruins from the time of the Romans, hiking trails and so many species of animals such as otters or one of the many bird species. The river is 73km long and even gushes through a karstic canyon of 200 meters deep. A great way to see the park is to take a boat trip or go on one of the guided tours. Did you know you can even swim in certain areas of the park? So, bring your swimsuit when visiting!

National Park Plitvice Lake

If you’re a person who’s fascinated by water landscapes, you won’t be disappointed with a holiday in Croatia. The country has a lot to brag about, especially when it comes to waterscapes. One particular place you should visit the National Park Plitvice Lake which is one of the most beautiful ones of Europe. With its clear blue lakes and natural dykes that have emerged into caves and waterfalls, it’s a paradise to be around. The backdrop of turquoise waters and green tree leaves of the forest creates most of the extraordinary scenery. The bird population in the park is also quite rich. There are hawks, owls, cuckoos, herons, wild ducks, and more. There are also 70 different species of butterflies that appear in the warmer seasons.

Other animals that you can observe are the deer, fox, badgers, martens, and if you manage to catch a glimpse of the rabbit with its quick movements. Although it rarely happens, you can also encounter bears, lynx, wolves, and wildcats. This national park is also the perfect place for hikers as it is ranked with the best hiking trails in Europe.

Northern Velebit National Park

Velebit national park is the largest mountain area in Croatia and is included in the UNESCO network of biosphere reserves. In the park you can have spectacular views of the Adriatic Sea. The mountains are recognized by sedimentary rocks, dolomites and limestones. You can also find a lot of caves and mountaineering trails. The peaks are separated by deep holes and lined with sharp ridges. Inside the reserve you can explore a botanical reserve with an abundance of Croatian mountain species. The park is home to bears, wolves, and lynxes but also many insects and birds. This national park is the most recent one and therefore not as famous and crowded as the other 7 parks, but this doesn’t mean it is not worth a visit.

The coastline

As for beaches, they are the pinnacle of the natural experience in Croatia. The notorious Croatian coastline covers an area of over 5.800 km making it one of the longest coastlines in the Mediterranean. What is more important, this Adriatic Sea coastline harbors the cleanest beaches in all of Europe! If you’re travelling in the summer, you should definitely pay a visit to one of the sandy or pebble beaches, and swim in crystal clear blue waters.

Places for your Croatian holiday


Located in the northwest of the country, Istria is the largest peninsula in the Adriatic Sea. It is really popular among tourists who want to see its historical charm, taste its acclaimed gastronomy and, of course, explore the magnificent landscapes this county offers. Around one third of the area consists of forests and the rest are vineyards, orchards, and olive trees.

The coastline is rocky and its shores have pebbles instead of sand. For the adventurers, the rocks are perfect to jump off into the sea, if you dare. Visit famous towns such as Rovinj, Pula, and Poreč. On Istria you also have the opportunity to visit the Brijuni Islands national park which are islands covered with pine and olive trees and surrounded by clear blue sea. Definitely worth a visit.


Dalmatia, is like Istria, another region in Croatia. This region is the narrow belt of the east shore of the Adriatic Sea. It includes hundreds of islands as well as mountains and famous cities as Dubrovnik and Split. Extremely beautiful natural landscapes, sparkling blue sea, amazing beaches, and the history of the cities have made sura that Dalmatia is a popular tourist area. In Dalmatia four of the eight national parks of Croatia are located where you can discover this beauty yourself. Walk through forests, alongside rivers, spot waterfalls and swim in lake or the sea. The Paklenica National Park even has a huge climbing area with over 400 different routes.


The Kvarner Gulf is a bay in the northern part of the Adriatic Sea and is located between Istria and the northern mainland. The bay belongs to the internal waters of Croatia. Lonely Planet publication named the Kvarner Region as one of the Best in Travel 2020. You can explore the largest island of Croatia, namely Krk, which is often called the golden islands because of the insanely magnificent sunsets. In Kvarner is also one of the national parks, Risnjak National park. This park offers you hiking and biking trails as well as whirlpools and springs, forests, hills, and meadows. You can even go bear spotting in the park (be prepared to hours of patiently sitting). Another island, Cres, is known for its diverse plant species (over 1300) and you can even spot the griffon vulture.

Climate in Croatia

The weather of Croatia varies on location. Generally, the country is moderately rainy in the inland valleys and definitely rainy along the coast and mountain slopes. On the Adriatic coast, the climate is Mediterranean with a lot of rainfall in the mountain areas. The summers are sunny and hot but rain and thunderstorms still occur. The islands which are the furthest away from the mainland are the driest. The coastal climate is characterized by a lot of wind as well.

The inland of Croatia is separated from the coast by the Dinaric mountains and the climate here differs a lot from the one on the coast. The winters here are colder and heat waves in summer occur more frequently. The mountains of Croatia are cooler and get more precipitation. On the mountain peaks snow is common in winter. In summer they offer a pleasant escape from het hot coastal areas.

The best time to visit Croatia depends on what you want to do. July and August are perfect for beach weather but it is more crowdy. If you want to avoid this but still want to enjoy the nice weather, we recommend you visiting in early spring or in autumn. In months like April and October it is too cold for the beach but perfect for your hiking and cycling adventures. In the winter you can enjoy a skiing trip on the mountains of Croatia.

Enjoy your stay in a nature house

As you probably already know, Croatia flourishes in natural landscapes; from a gorgeous coastline, to high peaked mountains and countless of lakes with waterfalls. There is enough for you to explore when you visit this country. Staying in a beautiful nature house, away from all the masses will let you enjoy Croatia even more. With us your accommodation in nature is guaranteed and you can wake up with nothing but the peace and quiet of your surroundings. Pick your nature house on the coastal area of Croatia, in the mountains, in the woods or even in an orchard. We also offer many types of houses to make your stay as wonderful as possible. Do you want to cozy up in a tiny house? Or rather enjoy all the luxury of a villa or cottage with a sauna or jacuzzi perhaps? There are many options available for your perfect stay in the lovely Croatia.

Your eyes will never get bored of the diverse views of the Croatian landscapes; hike through the mountains, take a stroll on the beach, visit the national parks, or dive in one of the many clear blue lake. Croatia is your ideal destination for summer or winter. So, if you have always wanted to be in the middle of the Croatian nature, look at our houses, pick your favorite and enjoy your stay!

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