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West Flanders rentals in nature? When people think of Belgium and nature, it is often the Belgian Ardennes that is mentioned as the first nature reserve. But also the west coast of Belgium has a lot to offer nature lovers. With its vast rows of dunes and various nature reserves, you can perfectly go here for a nature holiday to get a breath of fresh air.

Especially for a holiday house Westhoek you have come to the right place at Natuurhuisje. But also a holiday home on the water near the Zwin nature reserve can be found on the website. Below we briefly explain the most important nature reserve in this region: the Westhoek. In addition, we tell you something about holiday homes West Flanders in general and more specifically about a holiday home Belgian coast, water and West Flanders.

Cottage Westhoek

Holiday home Westhoek rentals in the countryside? The Westhoek nature reserve covers 345 ha and is part of the largest dune area on the Flemish coast. It is next to the High Fens the only state nature reserve in Belgium. The area is characterised by the dynamic processes of the dune landscape. Here you can see all the different stages of dune formation with your own eyes. Because the dunes have free play here, different types of habitat have been created that are interesting for many different plants and animals. A few different types are beach, front dunes and drift dunes. All three have completely different flora and fauna. If you like coastal nature you should definitely visit one of our holiday homes Westhoek. But also in the rest of the province of West Flanders you will find several holiday homes in the meantime.

Holiday home Belgian coast

If you are looking for a holiday park or holiday home on the Belgian coast, water or West Flanders. Then we have a number of holiday homes to offer you. The nice thing about these holiday homes is that they are not located in a place where mass tourism takes place. Indeed: a holiday home Belgian coast, water or West Flanders is not in a busy environment. All these holiday homes are located in a place where peace and quiet are central. The homeowner has these concepts in high esteem and they often know how to tell you more about the surroundings of holiday homes West Flanders or the nature reserves around the corner of your holiday home Westhoek.

Can't find a holiday home in West Flanders?

If you didn't find a suitable holiday home in West Flanders on our website, you can take a look at the surrounding provinces. Perhaps you can find a holiday home Belgian coast, water or Westhoek there. If this is not the case, we advise you to contact our editors. They always know how to help you in the right direction!

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