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Cottages in Flemmish Brabant

Flemish Brabant is a Belgian province with its capital being the city of Leuven. The region has rich history and culture and an underestimated nature for you to explore. Flemish Brabant is a great place to visit with your friends or family. There are numerous places of interest to visit during your stay, and a lot of activities to try, so it is better that you feel rested and comfortable in your accommodation.

Our hosts have made their best to create a peaceful ambience within the cottages we offer. They are equipped with everything you might need and the possibility to have a contactless stay is always there. If you prefer to “clash” with the culture then interact with your hosts as much as possible as they might be your gold mine for locally-approved spots to visit.

The nature of Flemish Brabant

When you embark on this trip, we understand that your focus will be on nature. However, while admiring the lush green fields and sunny weather, don’t forget to take a look at the places of cultural and historical significance. For example, there are numerous medieval and monastic abbeys near Leuven which are definitely worth the visit. Near the small town of Pajottenland, you can visit the castles and gardens embraced in enough vegetation to call this a nature-appreciation day!

Nevertheless, going back to our purpose – nature – we suggest you take a look at the following nature reserves and provincial domains of Flemish Brabant. Hallerbos, also known as the Bluebell forest, is one of the most famous nature sceneries throughout the country. The popularity of this forest comes from the fact that it appears as if it is covered with a thick carpet of bluebells during their bloom time in spring. During this time is when most visitors come to the forest. Definitely the best time of the year to visit Hallerbos is in April. This is also the period when the young leaves of the beeches are in their most beautiful form – light green and almost transparent – and the whole forest has this unique hue when the sun hits the tree crowns.

Heverlee Woods and Meerdaal Forest are another great natural wonder to see. These two forests are known as one of the rare places where a whole population of red American oak is present on European territory. The vegetation is very diverse with ivy, Salomon’s seal, celandines and many more plant species filling up this green space.


In Hallerbos there are numerous walking and cycling paths which cross the forest. However, leaving the paths and endangering wildlife or the beautiful bluebells is considered a crime, so be careful! There is also a Hallerbos museum where you can learn more about the flora and fauna of this unique location. The nearby Leuven Abbeys can be visited on a bike tour. In fact, this is the easiest way to see the most out of the abbeys! As in the neighbouring Netherlands, cycling is also part of the culture. Mountain bike trails for example are numerous, going up and down the region’s hills and sandbanks.

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