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View a wonderful selection of holiday homes in the Eifel here. offers holiday homes in the Eifel that are all in a rural or quiet location. The Eifel is a nature reserve that spreads over both Belgium and Germany and is therefore not far from the Netherlands.

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Cottages in the Eifel

Are you looking for a peaceful place where you can practice winter sports or just admire nature, take a breath of fresh air, and enjoy a simple life no matter what season it is? offers lovely holiday houses in the Eifel that are situated in a rural and quiet location. The Eifel is a mountainous region in the western part of Germany, between the Rhine and Mosel rivers and the Luxembourg and Belgian borders. Therefore, it is not far from the Netherlands. Also, its mountain range conquers the south-west of North Rhine-Westphalia and north-west of Rhineland-Palatinate and is part of the Rhenish Massif. In the northern part of the region, you can observe the wildlife and raw nature of the Eifel National Park. Book one of the cottages available on and be ready to have a relaxing vacation and connect with nature.

The beautiful nature of the Eifel

An interesting fact about the Eifel is that it has been created as a result of volcanic activity. Don’t worry! The last time a volcanic eruption took place was 10,000 years ago. However, the breathtaking scenery that will catch your eye is represented by the image of more than 110 square kilometers of forests surrounded by rivers. Take a moment to imagine listening to the murmur of water, the merry chirping of birds, and the rustling of leaves. This can become a reality if you look on the website of and select the desired holiday house in the Eifel, where you would like to go with your family, friends or for a romantic escape.

Are you even more interested now in what you can discover in the nature of the German region? Let’s see… yellow narcissus, uncommon species of orchids, gentians, the largest region with wild garlic in Europe, rock formations, crater lakes, and many other natural treasures that you will discover by yourself once you are there. The woods of the Eifel shelter more than 1,600 endangered species of plants and animals including the wildcats and black storks. You can be even closer to all of these if you book one of the cottages or any type of accommodation offered by

Activities not to be missed while being in the Eifel

Sedentarism and stress are some of the concerns of the contemporary world. Therefore, people need to exercise and relax more whenever they have time. That’s why hiking is one of the most popular activities in the Eifel and it can be done along The Wilderness Trail, which is 85 kilometers long. It takes a four-day walk and is divided into four stages between 18 and 25 kilometers. The trail passes through the Eifel National Park, the south of Monschau-Hofen, and reaches the northernmost point of the National Park at Hurtgenwald-Zerkall. Impressive landscapes and great experiences are waiting for you in the Eifel! Also, for those of you who want more adventure into the woods, there is a 313 kilometer-long trail, called “Eifelsteig”, which is from Aachen to Trier. There are also several worthwhile short routes that are perfect for a one-day excursion.

In case you are more passionate about cycling, you can take your bike and cycle along the Ahr river, through the Moselle-Eifel or Rhine-Eifel region. The Eifel has to offer a multitude of cycling tours and the most popular ones are those along the disused railway lines. For people in need of more adrenaline, there are 482 trails for mountain biking within the Eifel, for example, the Eifel lakes or forest tours. During winter, you can enjoy seeing stunning panoramic views while skiing in the Eifel’s areas, such as Schwarzer Mann, Wolfsschlucht, Weisser Stein, and many others. Also, you can practice cross-country skiing in the Eifel National Park and admire the forest all covered with a white blanket of snow.

However, throughout all seasons, there are one-day trips to several places in the German region, such as visiting its majestic castles and palaces and sightseeing in its historic towns. During summer, it is highly recommended to swim in the maars, a crater formed after a volcanic eruption and which is filled by a lake. It is definitely a memorable experience! Therefore, your itinerary is almost planned but you still need to find accommodation, right? On the website of you have a wide variety of holiday houses in the Eifel’s nature from which you can choose and that include several facilities, which will make your vacation even more enjoyable!

Wonderful sights in the Eifel

Eifel National Park

It is located in the north of the region and is more than perfect for hiking or mountain biking in the Eifel as it has approximately 240 km of paths. In total it has 110 square kilometers of woods and lakes, which perfectly strengthen the idea behind its motto, “Let nature be nature”. Take your camera with you and be ready to take a photo of the rare plant and animal species, such as the black storks, wildcats, and the Eurasian eagle owls. You will be able to watch them in a safe and protected environment specially created for them. Also, it’s a great opportunity for children to learn more about nature from the interactive exhibition called the “Dreams of Wilderness”, which can be found in the visitor center in the historical Forum Vogelsang IP. You can end your day at the observatory of the Eifel National Park and besides watching the stars, you can see the Milky Way, too. Sounds like an experience you don’t have to miss, right? Therefore, select from the wide variety of holiday houses in the Eifel available on and take with you some comfortable shoes and clothes. Now you are ready!

Wild-Erlebnispark Daun

It is a wildlife, leisure, and safari park in Daun. During your visit there and if you are lucky enough, you can observe some of the animals just a meter away from you. Mouflons, wild yaks, lamas, red deers, and Barbary macaques are some of the inhabitants of the park. Children definitely will not get bored as there are an 800m long toboggan, an adventure world with several activities, and a mini-animal farm. Also, at you can find several types of accommodation, which are suitable for families with children.

Burg Eltz

Burg Eltz is a place dedicated to any nature and castle enthusiast. It is a wonderfully preserved medieval castle, which was constructed in the 12th century on the hills above the Moselle River. It is located on a 70 meters rock spur, from where you have a superb panoramic view of the forest in all its splendor. The Eifel has been crossed by Celts, Romans, and Franconians, who have left their mark on the architectural style of the region. As you will see once you are there, Burg Eltz has Romanesque and Baroque architectural influences. Historical, natural, peaceful, and elegant can all describe the experience at the Eltz Castle. How about after a trip there you return to a holiday home where you can enjoy your dinner or a glass of wine while being alongside your loved ones? has many options that are waiting for you!

What places can you visit in the Eifel?


If you come to the Eifel, you shouldn’t miss Monschau. It is a charming city with well preserved half-timbered houses and cobblestone streets and represents a typical Rhineland medieval town, which is crossed by the River Rur. During the summer, it is organised a classical music festival in the inner courtyard of Burg Monschau, a castle that originates from the 13th century. Famous musicians and orchestras are invited every year to delight the audience. However, if you plan to visit the German region during the winter, then you should go to the Christmas Market in Monschau, where you can find Christmas gifts and try traditional German delicacies.


It is a village crossed by the Elz River and resemblances a place from a fairy tale. Monreal is not so populated by tourists, therefore, you would be able to taste a bit from the simple life of the locals. The village is beautified by the half-timbered houses from the middle of the 15th century and the ruins of the Lowenburg and Philippsburg castles. Once you are there, you should try Flammkuchen, a specialty of the region which can be considered to be a German pizza.


It is a town in the western part of the Eifel, which is also known as the “Forest City”. It is located at an altitude of 420 to 490 meters. There you can enjoy walking and hiking in the woods and it has two areas where you can go skiing during the winter. Moreover, one of the most remarkable buildings in Prüm is St. Salvator’s Basilica with its two towers, which dates from the 18th century. Do you want to explore more of the places of the Eifel? Then you should book a holiday house on and enjoy a lovely vacation in Germany!


The Eifel has a climate which is influenced by the Atlantic and predominated by precipitation. The winters are relatively mild and the summers are moderately cool. The average temperature in January is -1.5 °C at high elevations and approximately 2 °C in the mountain foreland. However, there around 40 days per year when the temperature stays below 0 °C. July is considered the warmest month and there is an average temperature of 14 °C in the higher areas. Overall, in the Eifel, you will breathe extremely fresh air that will definitely recharge your batteries.

What type of nature house can you rent in the Eifel?

A trip to Eifel is worth it no matter if you go there for either mountain biking, skiing, hiking, or just to discover the natural wonders of the western region of Germany. In order to have a memorable experience in nature, has a wide range of accommodation that will enhance your satisfaction and pleasure as soon as you arrive there. If you are thinking of exploring the Eifel with a few friends or just go there for a romantic getaway, then you can rent one of the chalets offered on, which mostly use green electricity. Also, if you click here, you can see several options for b&b accommodation that are situated in a beautiful setting, away from crowded places. Are you more the adventurous type of person? Perhaps you should check the bungalows available on that have either one floor or a second one built into a sloped roof. How about a tiny house? It’s a really unique experience in the middle of nature. You should check and see if you would like it by clicking here. In case you are still looking for the most suitable place for you, don’t worry, that’s not all. has a lot more other choices to offer. Cottages, villas, apartments, and gites are just some other examples. If after reading this, you have decided to go immediately on a holiday to the Eifel, have a look at the last minute page. Also, if you wish to go to the German region either during winter or one of the other seasons, you are able to do plenty of activities and watch nature in its different stages. Therefore, what are you waiting for? A vacation is always welcome, right?

The traditional cuisine of the Eifel

In order to get to know more about a culture and a place, it’s not enough just to explore its surroundings, but also to taste its specialties, mostly from meat. Sauerbraten or sour roast is a beef roast marinated in a sour-sweet marinade for 2 to 3 days, which is afterwards browned. Another delicious recipe is Flammkuchen, an Alsatian pizza with vegetables, cheese, meat, but without tomato sauce. The third recommendation is Rinderroulade that consists of bacon and onions wrapped in a slice of beef and cooked together. Alongside these dishes, you can drink some local beer, such as Vulkan or Bitburger, or you can enjoy a glass of red wine from the Ahr Valley. Delicious, right? Choose one of the holiday houses available in the Eifel from and prepare yourself for a culinary trip in the western part of Germany!

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