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Circus wagon

Remember when you said you want to spend your vacation in a way you have never done before? Well, we might have just the perfect opportunity for you. If you crave for something really different, then look no further – spending several nights in a circus wagon parked in the centre of a picturesque location sounds like an experience which is going to stick with you for a while. With its amazing sceneries, Europe is a top destination for this rather special holiday.

If we have made you daydream, then you should definitely browse the circus wagons we have available for you. According to us, there is nothing better than opening your door only to see a beautiful, green panorama, possibly with mountains and a small lake. Can you already imagine drinking your coffee while adoring the nature in front of you? This perfect morning has never been more possible. And besides – is there a better way to practise social distancing? Probably not.

Your circus wagon can take you everywhere!

Just think about the wealth of natural wonders which you can explore on your visit to Europe. Our first recommendation is that you head straight to Belgium, and especially the beautiful location called the Sonian Forest. If you want to know what nature truly feels, looks and sounds like, this forest will offer a treat to all of your senses simultaneously! Whether you feel like aimlessly strolling down the isles, or you would prefer to go for a run, the Sonian Forest is just perfect for every occasion. And if you would like to see more of the location, and possibly find some hidden gems, then the Sonian Forest cordially invites you for a hike. And it is really hard to say no.

Another natural wonder hides close by – in the Netherlands – and it is known under the name the Frisian Lakes. We find something incredibly peaceful in this wonderful combination of lakes – isn’t peace and clarity of mind something that we are all looking for nowadays? The Frisian Lakes are sure to provide it to you, at least for a while. If you feel like it (and you will!), you can always go for a quick sail. Beware – this place might become a favourite of yours!

Stay active

If (in spite of your circus wagon) you still desire some two-wheel action, biking is the solution. In fact, upon your visit to the Netherlands, you will find out that this activity is cherished among locals and tourists, and it is easy to see why. Indulge yourself in this sport by taking part in one of the many organized biking events – apart from exploring nature, you will also meet like-minded people. It is our belief that everything is better with some nice company.

Hiking is another favourite of many people (us included). Europe offers a great variety of terrain, which is why no matter how much experience you have in hiking, you are sure to find something to suit your needs. And if you are quite the novice, do not worry – there are plenty of easy routes, which are still going to be entertaining.

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