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Bungalow Veluwe

Wondering where to spend your holiday? Well, we have the solution to your problem. Come to Veluwe here in the Netherlands and choose from our astounding array of bungalows. They are perfect with their ground floor only architecture. That means no steep stairs or heating for hours just to feel a little warmth. Big enough for you and your friends or take the loved one in a romantic distant corner in the greenery there. Accessible for all ages Veluwe offers numerous possibilities like hiking, swimming, cycling or just observing the beautiful nature unfolding in front of your eyes.

Who knows you might even encounter some of the big animals there like red deer or wild boar? Luckily the weather of the Netherlands is pretty inviting with its warm summers and mild winters. So, no matter when you choose to have the holiday of your dreams it's guaranteed that you will have a great time in Veluwe.

Veluwe offers the richest nature in the Netherlands

When talking about nature in Veluwe the first thing that comes up is the Hoge Veluwe National Park. The park is an absolute must to check out with its 55 km² filled with sandy dunes, grassy scenery and bright green woodlands. Large groups of mouflons roam these places, but a piece of advice, don’t get too close to them in the mating season, because those horns could be dangerous. With such a beautiful forest birds are sure to follow. For the birdwatching enthusiasts the IJssel valley provides all kinds of interesting species to observe like woodpecker, kestrel, nuthatch and falcons.

The forest trees give way to the magnificent floodplains there, making it easier to spot and take photos of the wildlife. Visit the lake Veluwemeer on the many cycling paths made along its golden beaches. It separates the provinces of Gelderland and Flevoland. Or take an electric scooter and go on the 360 km long trail among the beautiful forest. Although the best time to visit Veluwe is spring time, because you can witness the flowery grassland bloom before you. A numerous species of colorful plants can be seen thriving on its rich soils.

Keep yourself busy with outdoor activities

Did you know there is a possibility to rent an electric scooter and drive around without a single worry in the world? Or maybe you can take a bike and pedal on the many cycling routes leading to restaurants, museums or just a peaceful and quiet place in the woods. And for the adrenaline junkies there are mountain bike tracks with the longest one reaching 45 km in the challenging hills. You can even take your kids on an adventure in the climbing forests of Veluwe. From exciting ziplines to rope bridges and nets it's an unforgettable experience for the whole family. Although the region is very spacious it is designed very safely for you to enjoy. There is a possibility of horseback riding on the many natural paths inside the lush greenery. Or just find a nice spot at the edge of the lake, open a beer and start fishing until the sun comes down.

Take your best binoculars, because you are in for a treat. With the region's meadow areas, you are most likely to spot bittern, lapwing, shoveler, godwit, or redshank. Drontermeer is also a good place for birdwatchers to see osprey, water rail and kingfisher. Surprise your partner or family with an unforgettable picnic around Kootwijk. With its unique plants and gorgeous surroundings, it won’t disappoint. After that climb the lookout tower to see if you can find a little deer hopping on the grassy plains. There are multiple museums along the way to visit within your stay in Veluwe. The most famous being the Kröller-Müller Museum, but there are at least a dozen more.

Do you want to come close to medieval times like never before? Then you must visit one of the Hanseatic cities around the area. Harderwijk being the most famous one is old style boutiques and its Dolphinarium. But no one can fully enjoy the beautiful nature on an empty stomach, right? All around Veluwe you can find restaurants for any budget and taste.

After all is done it's time to go back to your cozy and welcoming bungalow. In summer, sit on a chair on the porch and enjoy the setting sun. Or for the winter months stare through the window at the starry sky with the fireplace crackling behind you, illuminating the charming design of your temporary home.

The rainy days are a promise for greenery all year round

Everybody knows that in the Netherlands is quite a rainy country. The Veluwe region is humid most of the time so make sure you have your raincoat just in case. With temperatures reaching 35°C degrees in the summer and from 0-10° in winter. Thunder storms might occur in the summer months and snowfall is common mid-December through January. The driest season and most famous for tourists is spring. With very little rainfall and blossoming flowers the scenery you will witness then is so stunning and mesmerizing. See mother nature waking up from its winter sleep right before your eyes with your partner in a small romantic bungalow in the middle of nowhere.

Observe the maidenhair turning its bright green to vivid red color. Have a barbeque evening with friends on the porchway of your little villa around July which has 11 hours of sunshine per day. Winds never exceed more than 20 km/h there. Winter shouldn’t be underestimated. The landscape turns into a white painting and as long as you have your thick jacket and warm boots it could be very refreshing to take a hike on the snowy paths. So, no matter if you're looking for a relaxing week or an adventure booking a bungalow in Veluwe is a wonderful choice for any age.