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Agriturismo Germany

Experiencing stress is something common for someone living in the city. That’s why most people often choose to have their vacation somewhere where you get woken up by the song of the chanting birds and wind going through the leaves of the trees. Agriturismo Germany is one of the most peaceful holidays you could have, staying on a cozy farm with your friends or family. You are in the right place because is offering affordable stays in the natural wonders of Germany, where you can relax and feel comfortable in silence, away from the city. If this type of vacation feels right for you, get ready to dive into the realm of peacefulness with Agriturismo Germany.

Explore the fairytale woods and wildlife of Germany

From the blue Baltic seaside to the majestic Alps, Germany is the 7th largest European country, having 97 natural reserves. Germany’s attempts to preserve its nature as much as possible are giving its citizens and tourists the wonderful opportunity to explore huge amounts of untouched forests and wildlife. Combine your vacation with a real-life encyclopedia experience by observing both commonly-seen animals and exotic ones like wildcats, badgers, chamois, fire salamanders, and many other species.

Have you ever wondered where the Grimm Brothers got inspired to write about such magical forests from? Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, and Hansel and Gretel’s woods are all inspired by German forestry. With more than 30% of Germany being covered in forests, the desired vacation where you forget about the city stress is guaranteed. This classifies Germany as the perfect place to also enjoy cool temperatures during the tiringly hot summer days. If you want to experience the beauty of the fairytale woods filled with wildlife, Agriturismo Germany is offering you the relaxing stay you are looking for.

Let go of the stress by staying active

Having lots of major rivers, Germany has to offer you one of a kind fishing experience. During the summer-autumn season, you can stumble upon big herring and cod. Be aware that there are bag limits that need to be checked beforehand. Another great way to spend your active holiday is by hiking and taking forest walks. There is nothing more mentally releasing than achieving the top of a mountain or just wandering around the beautiful nature in the woods.

You can take the opportunity and encounter wild goats during your hike or follow the smell of herbs, which you can even sense around the farm you’re staying in. Choosing to stay on a farm is a great experience where you can learn about how local food is being produced and help the farmers around. If you are not a big fan of walking, you can try cycling on one of the many dedicated cycle paths. Being a host of most of Europe’s cycling events, you can explore Germany on a bike without a doubt. Nature, fun activities and relaxing atmosphere, you can experience them all by booking your vacation with Agriturismo Germany.

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