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Tiny house Spain

A vacation in a tiny house is a marvelous choice for anyone seeking to reconnect with nature while retreating from the demanding urban reality. It is a common approach for unconventional holidays that have been gaining popularity due to the minimalistic structure of the house which contributes to an accessible way of taking some time off. Nature.house offers stays at tiny houses spread across Spain, providing you with a convenient way to recharge and relax surrounded by nature. Located in southern Europe, Spain is one of the top holiday destinations for international and local tourists alike. Reserve now and experience the astonishing beauty of Spanish nature.

The extraordinary natural beauty of Spain

Home to sixteen national parks, Spain is a great choice for nature-based tourism. The large territory of the country contributes to a variety of natural sights ranging from high mountain peaks to lowlands to coastlines and virgin beaches. Therefore, the environment surrounding your tiny house in Spain depends on your area of choice. You could be located around forests, valleys, mountains, lakes, rivers, cliffs, and volcanos - it is all up to you. If you want to be a bit more active during your stay then you might want to consider reserving a house in the Barcelona area close to the Montserrat mountain. However, if you want to enjoy a dryer climate and escape the freezing temperatures in the winter you could enjoy an Andalusian retreat. The territory around Valencia is fantastic for a summer vacation due to the variety of beaches in the area.

Spain is also rich in wildlife and some species in the woodlands of the country are unafraid of humans, therefore it is completely possible to encounter animals like deers and badgers. If you go north where the lands are home to many rivers you can probably meet otters and beavers in the nearby waters. Central Spain is arguably the best place to see raptors and birds in general, while also consisting of rather hilly areas as well as a Cork Oak woodland known as ‘dehesa’. In Southern Spain, you have the chance to witness the full beauty of the Iberian peninsula, home to the most spectacular stork migration in Europe. The opportunities for connecting with the environment are countless and fit any preference in terms of weather conditions, location, and activities.

What can you do during your stay in a tiny house in Spain?

Spain can offer many options for outdoor activities, depending on your personal preference for how you want to spend your vacation. If you seek a relaxing holiday then you will probably appreciate some time on the Balearic islands where you can explore some of the best virgin beaches of Europe. However, if you want to stay more active during your retreat in a tiny house in Spain, then the area of Aragon would be great for hiking, birdwatching, and the chances of encountering wildlife are bigger. Spain is large enough for you to carefully select your location based on the activities you want to embrace during your vacation. Nature.house is here to guide you through the process and provide you with the best tiny houses contributing to an unforgettable experience.