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Barcelona is undoubtedly a city you have either visited or are familiar with. Barcelona, on the other hand, is also a province. It is one of Catalonia's four provinces, along with Tarragona, Girona, and Lleida.

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Cottages Barcelona

Barcelona is undoubtedly a city you have either visited or are familiar with. Barcelona, on the other hand, is also a province. It is one of Catalonia's four provinces, along with Tarragona, Girona, and Lleida.

Barcelona is one of the most famous and largest cities in Spain. It lies on the Mediterranean Sea, in the northeast of the country. In total more than 5 million people live in Barcelona and its immediate surroundings. However, there are also interesting nature reserves outside the city that you can visit from your holiday home. Rugged, mountainous and wooded areas provide a beautiful walking environment. From your holiday home you can also easily visit the highlights of the city of Barcelona. There are many attractions in the city, such as the magical fountain, many museums and special churches and cathedrals. In addition, there are beautiful beaches off the coast of Barcelona, where you can relax.

A holiday home in the province of Barcelona is an excellent starting point to visit both the city and the special nature reserves in this region. The city of Barcelona is a lively and interesting city, while the most beautiful nature reserves can be found directly outside the built-up area. From your holiday home you can take beautiful walks, where you should definitely pay attention to the special flora and fauna. During a stay in a holiday house in Barcelona you will certainly not be bored, and you will undoubtedly have a varied and successful holiday!

Nature in Barcelona

Barcelona would not be the same without its Mediterranean nature: surrounded by four kilometres of beaches and the parks of Montjuc and Collserola, an enormous green massif with great biodiversity, the city provides unlimited and tempting opportunities explore nature all around. Nature is available in Barcelona all year. The city's typical deep blue sky entice us to bathe in the sun and the sea, especially in the summer, but also through most of the spring and fall.

Directly northwest of the city of Barcelona you come from the busy city in quiet and beautiful nature reserves. There are some interesting mountain areas here, such as the Muntanya de Monserrat National Park. In these mountain areas you can make beautiful walks. The landscape is very rugged. Forests are interspersed with rocky slopes and steep cliffs. From your holiday home, these nature reserves offer countless opportunities for beautiful walks, with magnificent views of the surrounding country along the way. Even close to the city of Barcelona you can find interesting nature reserves, which you can visit while staying in a holiday home. For example, the small Delta del Llobregat is located on the south side of Barcelona. Here you will find a marshy landscape at the place where the river flows into the Mediterranean Sea.

Although the Delte del Llobegrat is only a small nature reserve, there are many interesting plants and animals to be found here. In the reed beds live reed birds such as the forest monkey and purple coot. In the province of Barcelona there are also birds of prey, such as snake eagle and griffon vulture. Many species of plants grow in the forests, including dogweed, yellow anemone and the liverflower.

Never a boring day in Barcelona

Barcelona is located in the north-east of Spain in the province of Barcelona in the region of Catalonia. The city lies on the Mediterranean Sea and is the second largest city in Spain after Madrid. About 1.5 million people live in the city itself, while almost 5 million live in the metropolitan area. The city has numerous places of interest. These include the Sagrada Família, the Palau de la Música Catalana, the Hospital de Sant Pau and Park Güell. Barcelona has a total of nine entries on the UNESCO World Heritage List. La Rambla is the most famous street in the centre of Barcelona. Of course, the city is also known for the Barcelona football team, which plays its matches in the Camp Nou stadium.

Even though Barcelona the city is a great place to explore the culture of Spain, you might find more relaxation in the nearby hills, capes, mountains, or lakes. The diverse landscape that surrounds Barcelona offers you many outdoor activities in a natural setting. For example, visit Lake of Banyoles, which is Catalonia’s largest lake. You can either walk, jog or cycle around it and try to spot the waterfowls. You also have the opportunity to swim, canoe or fish there.

Natural highlights

Salt de sallent waterfall

Rupit I Pruit, a mountain town about an hour and a half northeast of Barcelona, is a rustic village built into the mountain. The castle and the old church of Sant Joan de Fàbregues date from 968. The massive waterfall is the main attraction at Rupit I Pruit. The Salt de Sallent is a 100-metre waterfall that leads the Rupit River to the sloping hills below. The dramatic shift from green meadows to jagged cliffs makes for a huge drop-off that empties the river into a pool of water below. A steady progression of green hills leads to a vast valley that completes the epic Catalan landscape and can be fully exploited by all keen walkers or those simply looking for fresh air and something unusual!

El Parque Natural De Montseny

Just northeast of Barcelona lies the Sierra del Montseny, a granite massif, lushly covered with green forests, beech trees and cork oaks. The park is an oasis of nature for those who want to get away from the busy Barcelona and the coast! Unesco declared it a protected biosphere reserve in 1978. The 30,000-square-kilometer Parc Natural del Montseny is located to the south of the massif. Two high mountain peaks dominate the park. There are both short and long walking trails on the peaks' flanks! Springs, streams, and small waterfalls are everywhere in the park, as is the reservoir, Pantà de Santa Fe, which is bustling with fish. It is one of the best places in Spain to find chestnuts. You can see boars, deer, and foxes.


The Montserrat Mountain is perhaps the most well-known component of the Catalan Pre-Coastal Range. Its location is only 30 kilometers from Barcelona and is easily accessible by local trains and by car. Montserrat is well known as the location of a centuries-old Benedictine abbey, which is regarded one of Catalonia's spiritual centers. The breathtaking beauty of the rocky range will undoubtedly leave you impressed and relaxed. And the breathtaking views of Catalonia's nature will make you want to return as soon as possible.

Ebro Delta

Cycling along bright green rice fields? Spotting flamingos and other exotic birds? Wandering over vast sandy plains? Be ecstatic at a bright orange sunset? You really do not have to go to Asia for that. With 320 km2, the Ebro Delta Natural Park is the second largest wetland in Spain. A protected nature reserve with rice fields, natural beaches and salt fields. Discover the Ebro Delta, the lagoons rich in birds and authentic fishing villages. In short, the Ebro Delta Nature Park is a must do for wild campers, birdwatchers, water sports enthusiasts and nature lovers.

Places to stay

Castellfollit del Boix

The vineyard barraques (stone huts) and farmhouses spread over the grounds are rich representations of Castellfollit del Boix's way of life. Exceptional panoramic landscapes with amazing sunrises, traditional ceramic crafts, and numerous archaeological artifacts providing witness to life in the area years and years ago. A heritage worth seeing includes the ruins of Maians Castle and a Lombard Romanesque church.

Costa brava

On the beautiful Costa Brava you will find long, wide beaches, but also breathtaking, small bays. The hinterland of this 'wild coast' is fantastic: an impressive, varied landscape with picturesque villages. These villages consist of centuries-old narrow streets, village churches and intimate squares, where it sometimes seems as if time has stood still. On the mountain near the lovely Blanes, you will find the beautiful botanical garden and Malgrat de Mar has a beautiful, long promenade that goes all the way to Santa Susanna. Relax on a beautiful beach and stroll through beautiful streets in the special town of Tossa de Mar.

L'Ametlla de Mar

L'Ametlla de Mar is a traditional fishing village that is not dominated by mass tourism. What you will find in L'Ametlla de Mar and its surroundings is a beautiful coastline with lovely little bays and beaches, where with a bit of luck you can still enjoy the peace and quiet of the surroundings. These bays are also excellent for snorkelling expeditions. To the north of L'Ametlla lie Tres Cales, three coves that are all worth a visit.

Sun, sun & sun!

Because of its location, the city of Barcelona has a Mediterranean climate, so mild winters and balmy summers. In the summer, the nights can be especially warm, with temperatures of 20° C and way above. Barcelona itself is bustling with life all year round, although it is best to avoid the summer months, when the real Barcelonans flee the city. Barcelona doesn't get much rain, but when it does, it usually comes down in buckets. In the winter months, there is even a (small) chance of some snowfall. The average daytime temperature during the summer months is just under thirty degrees Celsius.

When is the ideal time to visit Barcelona depends on what you want to do. For example, if you like to be active and see all the sights and spend the whole day walking, spring or autumn is the ideal time. It is not extremely hot then, but still sunny and summery. However, if you are planning to take it easy, lie on the beach and enjoy a cocktail, the summer months are the ideal months to visit Barcelona!

Explore Barcelona with Nature house

Spend your vacation in Barcelona's beautiful surroundings! You can take the train from Gaud's city to Montserrat, the picturesque seaside resort Sitges, Girona, the cycling city, or Gaud's Crypt of Colnia Güell. And if you want to see even more of Barcelona province as well as other surrounding provinces, rent a car and explore Catalonia's fascinating inland and vast coast.

With your stay in a nature house, you have the opportunity to discover the province of Barcelona in the middle of its nature. In the area there are countless of sights to see and every season has its unique charm. In summer, you can enjoy the hot weather and choose for the option to book a Nature house with a pool to cool off from time to time, or you could enjoy the amazing beaches of Barcelona. Whether you are with your family or going for a romantic getaway, a cozy accommodation in the middle of nature is guaranteed.

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