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Finland is one of the Nordic Countries in Europe and a famous sub-arctic territory with amazing landscape and rather interesting weather conditions. Finland is also considered as one of the happiest places in the world, so rest assured you will be welcomed adequately by the locals.

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Summer cottage Finland

Finland is one of the Nordic Countries in Europe and a famous sub-arctic territory with amazing landscape and rather interesting weather conditions. Finland is also considered as one of the happiest places in the world, so rest assured you will be welcomed adequately by the locals.

If you want to escape the summer heatwaves and have a different kind of summer vacation, take a look at our Finnish cottages! Providing the best comfort, these cottages are situated in calm areas where you will have a chance to explore Finish wilderness undisturbed. Spending your summer vacation in a cottage means you will also have a chance to reconnect with nature in an unexpected way, waking up to bird sounds and going to bed with the Aurora Borealis out of your window! Finland is a truly spectacular place to be and a once-in-a-lifetime vacation spot!

Vegetation world

The dramatic changes in the vegetation cover are very noticeable when moving from south to north of Finland: dense coniferous forests in the south and southeast are replaced by Lapland tundra and forest tundra in the north. Flowers, among the most common and popular among the Finns - pansies, petunia, ampere lobelia, hyacinth, amaryllis, narcissus, hydrangea, begonia, lilac, daisy, tulip, lily of the valley and others. Moreover, the last two, tulip and lily of the valley, were recently chosen as national symbols of Suomi.

However, the most important Finnish flower is the rose. In honor of the white rose, the Order of the Knights of the White Rose was established in 1919 - the highest state award of the Republic of Finland, the name of which is nothing more than a more transparent hint of the buds of heraldic white roses on the national emblem.

Animal world

Currently, the only endemic of all mammals in Finland is the Saimaa ringed seal, which has lived in the waters of Lake Saimaa since ancient times; in the year before last 2018, its population was very small and amounted to 380 individuals against 300 individuals five years earlier and 190 individuals in 1990. It is obvious that this species, despite the environmental measures taken since then, is still under threat of extinction.

Other representatives of the Finnish fauna, only mammals - arctic fox, wolf, raccoon dog, common fox, common lynx, wolverine, otter, pine marten, badger, ermine, reindeer and others. Of these, Arctic foxes, wolves, wolverines and several other animal species are also on the verge of extinction. In 2015, due to the restoration of the population, the common beaver, which is one of the national symbols of the brown bear, lynx and common flying squirrel, was excluded from the rare category. In general, some sources say that the fauna of Finland is "relatively poor." An interesting detail - the law obliges Finnish citizens to report animals in trouble.

Things to do in Finland

Finland offers tourists attractions for every taste and color. Walking, swimming, rolling - there is any kind of entertainment here. The Hossa National Park also serves as a great place for many activities. There are numerous trails running along the pine trees, suitable for both hiking and cycling. Bikers can enjoy amazing views , especially on the historic route named King’s Road. It follows an old postal path from the capital. It is about 250 km long and will pass by historic mansions, castles, taverns and hotels, some of which have been operating for hundreds of years. Another admirable feature is the fact that some of the trails (even deep in the woods) are wheelchair-accessible!

Although Finland is considered a northern territory, home to the reindeer and Santa Claus, the Finnish population often enjoys going to the beach in summer, too. Due to the long daylight hours, the waters of lakes and rivers tend to remain warm for the most of summer, turning them into a favorite place to relax in. Moreover, the lakes and streams are also a popular destination for canoes and fishermen. As you may know, the wildlife diversity in Finland is exceptional, which is why birdwatching and wildlife watching have become an important aspect of any vacation to this Nordic Country. You can book a guided tour in order to learn the most about typical animals inhabiting the deep Finnish woods.

Vacation with children

Traveling with a child can be unforgettable for both adults and young tourists. It is in Finland that you can visit the home and workplace of the Finnish Santa Claus. His village is located in Lapland in the suburb of Rovaniemi. You can, for example, go to the Moomin Valley Museum in Tampere, where the entire exposition is dedicated to the works of Tove Jansson and touching heroes. By the way, it is here that you can walk around the troll house and appreciate the interior decoration of the rooms.

Zoolandia Nature Park in Turku is a fun time for the whole family. The rides are designed for adults and children. It is not for nothing that the name contains the word "zoo" - there is a zoo on the territory, where not only domestic but also exotic animals are presented. Those who want to see even more animals can visit the Ranua Zoo. Many inhabitants of this reserve are in the Red Book. You can teach your child to skate in the very center of Helsinki. Every year, an ice rink is flooded in the city center, which is popular among both locals and tourists.


A favorite holiday among the locals is the Festival of Light. It takes place during the New Year holidays, and annually attracts a large number of spectators with its light installations. During this period, many buildings in Helsinki seem to be donning a festive outfit, changing the color of the walls and patterns. The open-air World Village Festival is a series of entertainment programs. Songs, dances, tasting of national dishes, competitions - Helsinki is immersed in the general atmosphere of fun.


Going downhill on skis, snowboards or sledges in one of the resorts in Finland - this item should be in the plans of every tourist. A wide variety of ski resorts will offer travelers the full range of services they need. Having rolled a lot on the snow cover, you can go in search of another mountain, or rather the slides in the Serena Water Park, which is recognized as one of the largest aqua complexes in Scandinavia. The Särkänniemi amusement park in Tampere houses a dolphinarium, an aquarium, a planetarium, restaurants, a zoo, a museum of modern art - an impressive list of entertainment will appeal to any, even the most fastidious tourist.


Cruises have been arranged along the rivers and lakes of Finland for a very long time, so today a great many routes have been developed. During such a walk from the water, you can see the coasts of various regions of the country and visit the popular islands. Arctic cruises on the Sampo icebreaker will add variety to the vacation of any traveler. During the excursion program, the tourist will be able to learn about the internal structure of the vessel from the engine room to the captain's bridge, watch the work of the icebreaker, and also swim among the ice floes in special suits.

Climate of Finland: when it will be interesting for tourists to visit this country

The first thoughts that arise when mentioning Finland are a calm winter landscape, silence, the wind somewhere in the treetops, a hot sauna and spiritual conversations. There is an immediate appeasement. Finland - a country of mild but quite cold winters and warm summers. It seems to be partly behind the Arctic Circle, how could that be? What affects the climate in these lands?

A short list of climatic features of the country

Despite the fact that Finland is located in the north, its territory is much warmer than in other countries in the same geographical area. For residents of more northern regions, it will be exactly the same as in Africa. The climate of Finland will satisfy every tourist, because in summer the temperature averages thirteen to twenty-two degrees Celsius; and in winter - only from -8°C to -3°C. As a result, the average annual temperature calculated for the capital(Helsinki) is only 5.3 degrees. But it is possible here to find thirty degrees of heat or twenty-five degrees of freezing during the season. The warmest month of the year is July, the coldest is February. The amount of precipitation(annual average) is in the range of 690mm, and beyond the Arctic Circle - 400-450mm. The snow lasts from four months(in the south of the country) to seven or more(in Lapland).

Enjoy the cool summers of Finland

Finland is equipped with so many natural areas that it is quite impossible to see them all. Choose wisely! Of course, we are here to guide you through some of our team’s favorites. This is the case with the High Coast/Kvarken archipelago territories on the edge of the Baltic. A few thousand small islands are scattered across the cold Baltic waters, while geological processes are constantly changing the area making islands appear and disappear. The whole area provides spectacular views of the sea, which will surely make you certain of Mother Nature’s power.

The Hossa National Park is another perfect spot for a summer day trip in Finland. This is an oasis of wilderness covered with trees and lakes, as well as breathtaking rock formations! The area is also popular among visitors to the country, as it provides a peek into past cultures, especially in the parts of the park where you will encounter many rock paintings dating back thousands of years.