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Last minute holidays are the perfect opportunity to take a break from it all and recharge your batteries. And what a better place to do this than nature! Get some rest in one of our secluded nature homes and forget about the busy days. Don’t even plan, start packing your bags right away and go for a well deserved break.

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Last minute

Last minute breaks are the perfect opportunity to take some time away from it all and recharge your batteries. And what a better place to do this than nature! Get some rest in one of our secluded nature homes and forget about the busy days. Don't even plan, start packing your bags right away and go for a well-deserved break.

Do you suddenly feel the need for sun, sea, and nature? Or are you suddenly a few days off from work and you could have a last minute overnight stay? Pamper yourself and take a last minute weekend break! There are a lot of nice last minute house rentals where you can completely relax in nature. Nothing is more fun than spontaneous ideas. Whether you want to go on an adventure alone or have others who can join you, a cheap last minute day trip is always spontaneous and original. It requires a little creativity at times, but you will be surprised by the result. Because who would have thought a few weeks ago that tomorrow you would be in a holiday home in beautiful Spain? Perhaps on a last minute cycling holiday in the charming Netherlands or on a getaway in France?

We believe that there is nothing more fun than deciding at the last minute to go on a vacation. On the website of you will find many nice last minute offers in Europe. In the mountains, by the sea, everywhere! Have you ever booked a last minute holiday or is this your first time? Anyway, you will certainly not regret it at! The spontaneity and therefore, the excitement that comes with booking a last minute overnight stay is indescribable. It gives such an incredible feeling of freedom to go on vacation at the last minute! More and more people are choosing to go on last minute breaks. This also has everything to do with the fact that you can grab significant discounts with such a booking. At you will find many cheap last minute house rentals. Despite the lower prices, you can simply count on the usual level of service and comfort!

Last minute breaks in Europe’s nature

Nature is breathtakingly beautiful! We hardly think about it in our daily lives but there is so much to discover in a last minute vacation in Europe. From thousands of species of plants to the fascinating wildlife that differs from one region to another. Have you ever visited the Verdon Gorge in France? It is one of the most famous and largest gorges in Europe, carved out by a river. This natural treasure is a splendid hiking area, where you can also kayak, sail, and swim in the crystal-clear water. It is highly recommended to go there!

What is also wonderful to visit is the Eisriesenwelt in Austria. It is an absolutely breathtaking attraction that you shouldn't hesitate to visit. The Eisriesenwelt is the largest ice cave in the world and has a length of approximately 42 kilometers. This natural sight is situated in Werfen, which is around 40 kilometers away from Mozart’s birthplace, Salzburg. There you will see impressive frozen waterfalls, natural limestone formations, and an ice palace. Also, you will be able to admire a gigantic ice sculpture, named “Hymir’s Castle”. Unfortunately, just a part of the cave can be visited. However, a guided tour of it lasts approximately 75 minutes. Be ready to fall in love with this place and eventually, wish to come back. Maybe you would prefer to do something above the ground. You can then visit the Preikestolen. That is a cliff in Norway, which rises 605 meters above the Lysefjord. It is a very impressive sight and offers a view of the gigantic fjords and mountains.

What to do in the wilderness?

From a relaxing time away from the crowds to adventures in the wild, the possibilities for a nature holiday are endless. If you really need some rest, choose a peaceful natural surrounding like a tranquil lake in the mountains. Meditate in the quietness, read a book, do some stretching exercises, yoga, or simply promenade along the waterfront. As soon as you start feeling relaxed you can start getting active. Go for a stroll in the meadows or woodlands around your home, take a swim, go fishing, bird watching, even hiking if you feel like it. That’s not all! You can have a lot of fun if you go on a last minute cycling holiday following beautiful routes in the woods. Do you want to give back to nature and the animals? Do something sweet and caring like building a birdhouse! Those small things will charge you with positivity for months ahead.

For more active travelers, it is more than possible to plan an adventurous last minute day trip. There are numerous places with scenic nature that are hubs for outdoor activities and sports, like Britain's outdoor capital Fort William. Are you ready for a last minute ski trip? Visit the small town in the Highlands of Scotland for activities like skiing, mountain biking, mountaineering, climbing, and hiking through the highest mountain in the UK. The town also offers a long list of adventures in the water. It includes sailing, paddling, canoeing, kayaking, rafting, and different sea tours.

Must-see natural sights in Europe

Sierra de Grazalema National Park, Spain

It is located between Cadiz and Málaga and is the first natural park in Andalusia, dating from 1984, and the first biosphere reserve classified by UNESCO in 1977. Sierra de Grazalema has incredible limestone cliffs and caves. It is considered the rainiest place in Spain and despite this, it is an attractive natural sight. A colony of griffon vultures surveys the area among other species of birds. While hiking around the national park, you can see how the locals live in the white villages (“Pueblos Blancos”), which surround the national park. Also, another interesting fact is that the national park is the paradise of more than 1,300 Mediterranean plant species. Therefore, on the website of you can find several nice last minute house rentals. Choose the type of accommodation that is the most convenient for you and the people you are going with.

Eifel National Park, Germany

It is located in the north of the region and is more than perfect for hiking or mountain biking in the Eifel as it has approximately 240 km of paths. Sounds like the perfect place for a last minute cycling holiday, right? In total it has 110 square kilometers of woods and lakes, which perfectly strengthen the idea behind its motto, “Let nature be nature”. Take your camera with you and be ready to take a photo of the rare plant and animal species, such as the black storks, wildcats, and the Eurasian eagle owls. You will be able to watch them in a safe and protected environment specially created for them. Also, it’s a great opportunity for children to learn more about nature from the interactive exhibition called the “Dreams of Wilderness”, which can be found in the visitor center in the historical Forum Vogelsang IP. You can end your day at the observatory of the Eifel National Park and besides watching the stars, you can see the Milky Way, too. Sounds like an experience you don’t have to miss, right? Therefore, select one of the cheap last minute rentals in the Eifel that are available on and get ready for a lovely promenade!

The Cave of Benagil, Portugal

One of the most famous places in Algarve is the fairy-tale cave of Benagil. What is interesting about it is that it has a beach inside. Through a large hole in the stone at the top of the cave, you can still enjoy the sun in this cave. It is difficult to reach the Benagil Cave on foot; better via the water. You can also rent a kayak if you want to take on the challenge of sailing to this cave yourself. The advantage of this is that you have more freedom and are not constrained by the departure times of the boats. If you do not want to rent a kayak, but still want to stay in this magical place for as long as possible, you can choose to swim to the cave, but that is not advisable. Although the distance from the coast to the cave is not very large, you have to take the currents into account, which might be strong and put your life in danger. The Cave of Benagil has been named one of the most beautiful caves in the world by the Michelin Guide. You will definitely have a wonderful time during a last minute break in Europe.

Where can you go for a last minute break?


Portugal is located in the Atlantic Ocean and has Spain as its only neighbour. The long history of the country contributed to its unique culture. Portugal is actually one of the oldest countries in the world. It was founded in 868. Formerly called the Portuguese Empire, Portugal was a world power with overseas territories in not only Africa and Asia, but also South America. Partly because of its position on the map and the active role Portugal played in the century of exploration, there were many civilizations that crossed the Mediterranean and the European continent and in the long run influenced Portugal's culture. The fascinating history can be felt in the big cities, but also each of its small charming villages.


Wild beaches, pristine islands, untouched dunes, sparse forests... it’s the perfect place for your back-to-nature escape. Book a last minute rental in Denmark and be surrounded by beautiful landscapes. Denmark is the smallest country in Scandinavia, which means that one long holiday could be just enough to visit the major attractions and natural wonders. Our last minute overnight stays are always located in the heart of Denmark’s nature, so you’ll have the wilderness at your doorstep. The pinnacle of the natural experience in Denmark is Møns Klint, or as the Danish like to call it - the Cold Caribbean. The chalky white cliffs of Møns Klint are just a two-hour drive away from Copenhagen. Located in the Baltic Sea, the island of Møn offers a variety of water activities like sailing, kayaking, and fishing. Diving and snorkeling in the crystal clear waters are also possible. The land offers great opportunities for cycling and mountain biking. Follow the Baltic Sea Cycle Route (N8) and reach the top of Møns Klint to enjoy a remarkable view of the cliffs and sea. The naturalistic paths and fjords can also be explored by foot, or on a horse. Get ready for a wonderful last minute break in Danish nature!


Germany, a Western European country that is famous for its history, remarkable architecture, cars, football, and beer, is also surrounded by natural landscapes. Unusual rock formations, fairy tale grottoes, forests that blanket the mountains, and calming waters are some of the natural wonders that you wouldn't necessarily expect in Germany. So what are you waiting for? Book a last minute house rental in Germany now! Have you longed for visiting Germany with your friends during your breaks? Or want to visit Germany with your family? You have come to the right place. provides you with several options to be booked last minute, which have a variety of facilities inside and outside. Renting one of affordable housing in Germany would bring you close to the flora and fauna that it has to offer. If you're a person living in the city, then booking a nature house would be ideal for you to spot rare natural surroundings and enjoy a relaxing experience!

Affordable housing for the best last minute vacation

When you're staying in nature you don't need much. You can rent the simplest holiday houses like a cottage or a b&b and still have the greatest time. Camping is one of the most popular choices for nature travelers. Tents, yurts, bungalows, safari tents… offers an inspiring collection of adventurous last minute rentals. If you care about the comfort of your home, don't worry. We also have luxury glamping homes with all the modern conveniences. For a holiday with family and friends, you should probably book a spacious accommodation like a villa or chalet. Take a look at our pet friendly homes if you have a dog that would love spending time running around in nature.

Do you want something more unique? Then pick a nice last minute holiday house like a boat or our special wooden treehouses. Living in the forest and sleeping in a home above the ground will bring fun memories of your carefree childhood. A guarantee that you will forget about the troubles of everyday life and start enjoying the small things. It's also the perfect accommodation for a weekend away from home or a just for a last minute romantic night away. Nice last minute spa retreats in nature are another possibility you should consider. Enjoy the sun in your private swimming pool, or relax in your sauna or jacuzzi after a long day of outdoor activities.

Have you looked at the agriturismo offers? There is a wide variety of affordable housing in the countryside. If you'd like to have a cheap last minute break in complete solitude, then pick out a home offering a contactless stay, and you won't have to meet anyone! Do you already have an idea about the things you'd like to do? Just go ahead and start booking the best last minute overnight stay.

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