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Lapland log cabin

If you have a passion for nature and a real love for adventure, Lapland is probably one of the best choices for your next trip. Finland draws tourists for many reasons – the untouched nature, the clean air, local animal diversity, the arctic views. Here, you can roam the wild forests or the vast valleys and ride your bicycle along the basins of rivers filled with wild salmon. Whatever activity you choose, remember that nature here is preserved, because everybody before you was exploring the region without harming it, therefore always think your actions through. Lapland is a beautiful place, and it is our own responsibility to contribute to its conservation for it to be enjoyed by generations to come.

Booking a log cabin ensures a unique experience on your trip to Finland. An experience among nature where you will reconnect with yourself and rediscover the joy of being outdoors. Log cabins are a perfect getaway from the noise and crowdedness of metropolitan areas. Staying in a cabin creates a perfect natural atmosphere for you and your travel companions.

The nature of Lapland

Did you know that Finland is the greenest country in the world, while Lapland is one of the wildest populated areas? This means one thing – Lapland is the natural escape we have all been looking for! Eight national parks and twelve wilderness protected areas await the enthusiasts headed towards the northernmost parts of this Nordic country.

Urho Kekkonen National Park is among the most unique places in Finland, let alone in the world. The park was named after a former Finland president. It is a paradise for nature enthusiasts. Rest assured that the nature of this park will take your breath away. The panoramas are also out of this world! Within the park premises you will pass through forests, valleys, rivers and lakes. Look up to the clear skies and you will most definitely spot the majestic Golden Eagle!

Urho Kekkonen is not the biggest park in the area though. This prize goes to Lemmenjoki. This national park is the official homeland of the Sami people – Finland’s indigenous tribes. Head to Lemmenjoki for a more challenging hike through the forests, rivers and fields of this wildlife habitat. This park was also formerly famous among gold diggers; today, you can try panning for gold on one of the many boat cruises organized.


Hiking through the Urho Kekkonen National Park is not a n easy task but it is definitely worth it. Numerous hiking trails, most of which beginner-friendly, which pass through many highland fells, unique for the Finish territories. Another popular hiking destination is the Inari hiking area. This beautiful territory is covered with deep forests and rivers. On the borders of the park you can enjoy the gorgeous views of the lakes Myössäjärvi, Solojärvi and Inarijärvi.

In the main center of the park, near Saariselkä and Kiilopää Fell Centre, there are a few marked and maintained ski trails, therefore giving a possibility to skiers to enjoy the beautiful snowy winters here.

Of course, when visiting Finland, you need to leave time to enjoy the natural phenomena the Midnight Sun, the Aurora Borealis, or the periods without light! All of these are unique experiences in their own way and in their own time!

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