Fincas are the best choice of a spanish holiday home if you want to experience the calmness of rural life. Imagine a secluded cottage, surrounded by meadows and colorful fields, mountains, forests, rivers, the sea… Away from the bustling cities you can relax and enjoy the unspoiled nature all around you. Take your time to check our fincas in Spain and choose your dream rural home with

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Fincas are the best choice for a Spanish holiday home if you want to experience the calmness of rural life. Imagine a secluded cottage, surrounded by meadows and colorful fields, mountains, forests, rivers, the sea… Away from the bustling cities you can relax and enjoy the unspoiled nature all around you. Take your time to check our fincas in Spain and choose your dream rural home with

Spain is a fantastic holiday destination. The landscape is very diverse and it is a great place for any nature lover. In the south of Spain, temperatures are high in the summer. This dry, mountainous area also has a beautiful coastline. Not only the south of Spain is recommended. Forests, beaches, mountains, and fields alternate and this makes the whole country a great area to visit. In the northwest, you will find rainy fishing villages. Spain is actually much more than cozy cities, sun, sea, and sand!

Spain offers an unspoiled landscape with numerous activities to do in nature. The versatility of landscapes and nature reserves means that there is a suitable destination in this country for everyone. You can experience adventures in the rivers, cliffs, valleys, swamps, volcanoes, mountains, lakes, and forests, where you can fully enjoy pure nature. How about a holiday on the island of Fuerteventura? Here you are surrounded by the most beautiful volcanic landscapes. You can also take a trip on the back of a camel, which will be a special memory! The Cabrera archipelago, close to Mallorca, is also fantastic for those who love island life. Here you will find an impressive underwater life!

Are you ready for a finca vacation in nature?

Are you wondering what a vacation in nature looks like? Let’s see… It is a relaxing way to escape from the hustle and bustle of the cities and your hectic schedule. We assure you that our finca homes are located in the heart of nature. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy some fresh air, the lively songs of birds or crickets, the murmur of water streams, and a spectacular landscape. Depending on the season you choose to rent a finca for you and your loved ones, you may see snow-capped mountains, green forests, colourful flowers, or woods with red and yellow leaves. No matter when you plan your finca vacation, you will definitely have a wonderful time discovering the treasures of nature. Besides being in the middle of nature, our cool rentals may be situated in the mountains, on an island, by the lakeside, or close to a village. Moreover, some of them are located near nature reserves or national parks. So, you can organise some lovely trips with your loved ones and enjoy the company of each while spending some quality time outdoors. In case you are planning a romantic getaway, this type of accommodation is suitable for the two of you. Prepare your luggage for an unforgettable holiday!

Activities to do when staying in nature

There's plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities, depending on the place you choose for your stay. In the mountain regions, you can go for a hike and enjoy the stunning scenery. Don't forget to take your phone for some amazing pictures! Other popular activities include rock climbing, winter sports like skiing and snowboarding, and of course, mountain biking. With its rich flora and fauna, high peaks, and over 400 lakes, the Catalan Pyrenees are perfect for a holiday in the mountains. A traditional activity of the region is mushroom hunting. Anyone who loves exploring nature can enjoy this, so take your whole family for a fun walk to hunt mushrooms and experience something different. For adventure lovers, you should definitely try out canyoning. An exciting sport that combines various activities. From walking and jumping to swimming, scrambling, abseiling, it's a real thrill! You can also choose a finca home near the sea for a more relaxing break. Spain is a wonderful destination for the summer, and thus very popular. Our nature houses are always situated in remote places outside the holiday parks, so renting a finca for you is the perfect way to avoid crowded places. You have a unique opportunity to discover the country's unspoiled nature in an authentic way. Possible activities near the sea include swimming, sunbathing, sailing, romantic beach walks, or family picnics in the sun. In some homes you can even take your dog with you, so the fun is guaranteed.

Natural places to visit in Spain

There are sixteen national parks spread out in Spain. One of the most visited is the UNESCO World Heritage Site Teide National Park, located in Mount Teide in Tenerife, the Canary Islands. This is Spain's highest mountain - 3,718 meters high, and the third-highest volcano in the world. The second highest volcano in the Canary Islands is Pico Viejo, also located in the park. The Canary Islands are one of the best destinations in Spain for nature lovers. Except for the volcanos, the archipelago has numerous cliffs, waterfalls, thousand-year forests, dunes, unique beaches, and more. All of this makes the Canary Islands one of the most diverse and valuable ecosystems in the world! To preserve these natural wonders, almost half of the total area is environmentally protected in reserves. As we know you love nature, we advise you to check the island El Hierro - “The different Canary Island”. It's the smallest of the bigger group of islands, but its reputation as a treasure of natural wonders is unbeatable. Sluggish villages, verdant meadows, fertile valleys, forests, exceptional marine life, the highest density of volcanoes, El Hierro is the most researched and extraordinary among the Canary Islands.

Lovely destinations to be discovered


Almost the entire south coast of Spain is formed by the region of Andalusia. Anyone who thinks that a visit to Andalusia is only suitable in the summer is wrong. Even in the autumn and winter period, it is a wonderful time to spend your vacation in a holiday home. The temperature is also ideal in these seasons and fluctuates between 20 and 25 degrees. Andalusia is the place of contrasts as there you can find the highest mountain range in Spain with the most southerly ski resort in Europe and also the only desert on the continent. The coastline of Andalusia has more than 800 km. Costa del Sol and Costa de la Luz are well-known for their gorgeous sandy beaches and clear water. Some of the most popular and lively cities in Spain can be found in Andalusia. Probably you have heard about Seville, Málaga, Córdoba, or Granada. Sounds exciting, right? Also, maybe you have never thought about this, but you should try to ski in Andalusia. In case you wish to visit the Spanish region with your family or friends and you are still looking for accommodation, you came to the right place. On you can find several types of holiday houses in Andalusia, which are situated in nature. What are you waiting for then? Vamos!


It is located on the southeastern coast of Spain and there you can find several fincas for you and your loved ones. Valencia is the perfect destination for a fun break. Beautiful beaches, turquoise water, and a relaxing atmosphere make the Mediterranean city popular among tourists. Keep on reading and you will find out several interesting facts about Valencia. It dates back to 138 B.C. when it was founded by the Romans and after some time, it was conquered by Visigoths and the Moors. From history, we go straight to cuisine. The worldwide famous paella has its origins in Valencia. Don’t miss the chance to delight yourself with this traditional delicacy. If you are a nature lover, don’t forget to see Turia Park, which used to be a river and now, is the biggest park in the whole country. That’s not all! Discover more of Valencia’s treasures during a finca vacation. Are you ready for it?


Rent a finca home in Galicia, which is located in the northwestern part of Spain. It borders the Atlantic Ocean and the Cantabrian Sea, having approximately 1,200 kilometers of coastline. Therefore, there are so many great beaches that are waiting for you. Don’t miss the chance! Also, this Spanish region is perfect for relaxation as it has thermal baths, Termas Prexigueiro being one of the most recommended outdoor spas. If you are a gourmet, then Galicia might be heaven for you. You should definitely try the octopus prepared in a Galician way (“Pulpo a la Gallega”) or “tarta de Santiago” that contains almonds. Absolutely delicious! Moreover, because of its location, there you will be able to taste a wide variety of fresh seafood. There is also a festival called O Grove Seafood Festival, where you can eat from octopus and shellfish to spider crabs and goose barnacles. It’s not all about food. While you are in Galicia, you can also try “queimada” that contains Aguadiente liquor, cinnamon sticks, coffee beans, and many more. It is set on fire and that’s why it is often referred to as the brew of the witches. Interesting story, right? Before starting packing your luggage, take into consideration that the weather in Galicia is totally different than in other regions of Spain. It can be chilly and rainy even during summer. That’s why besides your bathing suit, don’t forget to take with you a raincoat.

Weather in Spain

On the website of, you can find lovely houses for your next finca vacation in several regions and countries. There are several available offers in Bavaria, Montenegro, or Sofia. However, a wide variety of finca homes are in Spain. Therefore, continue reading and you will get more information about the climate in the southern country. Variety is the main feature of the climate in Spain. During summers, you have plenty of choices to write down on paper. With temperatures exceeding 20 ℃, find pleasure in a soulful retreat by the private pool at one of our fincas. The best time to visit Spain is either early autumn or late spring if you prefer to see the coastal areas. Northern Spain is hot in July and August, while central is best to be visited in October. The combination of Sierra Nevada's altitude and predominance of the Mediterranean means a good mix between relatively warm weather and mild winters. You won't need a full hat-gloves-scarf set unless you go skiing but a jacket or coat should be enough to keep you cozy, especially at night. Get your drinks and marshmallows ready and enjoy a lovely Christmas with your family! Or wear your sunglasses and pack your summer outfits to have a warm, splendid trip to one of the islands like the Canary or Balearic. No matter what month of the year is, you will definitely have a finca vacation with bright blue skies in these beautiful and laid-back islands.

Rent a finca for you and your loved ones

When you search for your finca vacation in Spain you will find numerous rural homes like charming cottages, cozy huts and cabins, spacious luxury villas, glamping bungalows, and more. One of the most popular ways to experience rural life is by staying at a farm. Agriturismo holidays are different from the usual vacation. Guests can learn about organic farming and have a close touch with the local community. Book a farm if you want to combine your holiday in nature with cultural and fun gardening activities. Also, all the foodies will love it!

Most fincas also have a swimming pool. This way you can really relax and cool off in the water during the warm summer months. In winter and autumn, it is also wonderful to stay in a finca! Then the temperatures are just a bit more pleasant for long walks and bike rides, as it is a bit cooler then. The number of people with whom you can stay in this type of accommodation can differ. Some rentals offer rooms for two people, but there are also rentals where you can stay with twelve or even more guests. This way you can easily find a suitable finca for your travel group! Whether you go alone, with your partner, family, or group of friends, there is guaranteed that you will find a perfect finca for you. Fincas can vary on the level of comfort. In some of them, you will find a sauna, washing machine or dishwasher, so that you have most of the amenities from home. In addition, there are also some simpler houses to be found.

We believe that a holiday in a Spanish finca is fun at any age. Due to the rural location of the rental, there is plenty of space around you for endless adventure for children and adults. The children will feel like fish in water with all that space and nature, where they can freely run and play. A holiday house with a swimming pool guarantees endless water fun for the kids! A finca home is also a true dream for adults looking for peace and quiet. If you choose to stay in a finca of, be sure that you will be far away from the crowds, you can relax and enjoy your holiday. With a good book in hand, time will fly. You can also enjoy the most beautiful spots in nature from your rental while walking or cycling.

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