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Finca Valencia

Finca Valencia is definitely an opportunity for a certain type of client who wants a large property in a quiet environment with all the city services nearby, including restaurants, public transport, shopping and culture. This area is one of the most beautiful in the province of Valencia and offers a very affordable lifestyle. Check our finca Valencia offers and get ready for a dreaming holiday.

Nature parks

The largest zoo in Europe, named "Biopark" opened its doors to visitors on February 28, 2008. There is the flora and fauna of the African continent, the savannah, the subtropical jungle, as well as representatives of wildlife from other parts of the world.A feature of the biopark is the complete lack of cells in it. Animals are separated from the human world not by glass and bars, but by plants, rocks and ponds, which creates an incredible effect of complete immersion in the natural world. It's like being in the wild.The animals are so used to the large number of visitors every day that they do not worry about them at all.

The territory of the biopark is divided into three main zones: Equatorial Africa, Madagascar and Savannah. The area of ​​the zoo is 25 decares and in this area you can see 4000 animals. The biopark is located in a park called Parque de Cabecera, north of the garden, along the old river Turia. This is a new generation of zoo designed as a whole new philosophy. When the visitor enters this territory, he is completely immersed in the habitats that are recreated here - Savannah, Madagascar and Equatorial Africa. Here you can enjoy (practically without barriers) spectacular landscapes in which different species coexist as they would in their natural environment.

The main goal of Bioparc is to promote respect for animals and to make the general public aware of the importance of protecting the environment through a commitment to animal education and conservation. Leopards, lemurs, hyenas, lions, giraffes, crocodiles, gorillas, rhinos, hippos, hedgehogs, ostriches, elephants, otters. all coexist in this zoological world, which offers great experiences at every turn in the park at every minute of the day.

Bioparc is strongly committed to sustainable development and conservation. Over 95% of the water used is recycled and a large number of solar panels are used to heat the water. Many of the species in the zoo are included in European breeding and conservation programs. The main goals of Bioparc include raising visitors' awareness of care and respect for the environment. Bioparc Valencia is a boundless nature within the city of Valencia - an exotic place where you will enjoy enjoying, discovering, understanding and learning to appreciate the wildlife.


In terms of entertainment, Valencia is one of the best cities in Spain. It is the third largest city in the country, and all kinds of entertainment are presented at an appropriate level. This is a modern city with a modern outlook on life, so the various cultural events that take place here throughout the year will appeal to both young and old people. If you are a culture lover, then you will love Valencia's theaters, museums and art galleries. If you are a music lover, there is definitely something interesting here every night. For gourmets, there is a long list of high quality establishments for every budget. If you love to entertain yourself with shopping, then Valencia will not disappoint you. Valencia's nightlife and nightlife will surely impress the nightlife.

Active rest consists of sailing trips, various walks, both horseback riding and cycling. There are also several dozen different golf courses near all towns(Villarreal, Benidorm, Denia and others). Many tourists come to Valencia not because of the beaches, but to visit the famous castles in Alicante and Castellón, Valencian museums and cathedrals. Tourists have the opportunity to try out rural recreation. Valencia also provides an opportunity to spend your holidays with benefit(rest and study): a combination of beach holidays with Spanish courses.

There are also some tourists who come here to improve their health situation, because Valencia is a great place for this kind of vacation. Spa centers are found everywhere: on the coast, in mountainous areas(for example, such as the Sierra Calderona). The most famous spa regions are the surroundings of the cities of Cofrentes, Julila in the province of Valencia, Recuena.


Above all, Valencia and its surroundings host lush and famous celebrations in honor of Spain's national hero Cid. There is a medieval novel called "The Song of My Side", which tells how the main character fought against the Moors. But the most famous and popular holiday in Valencia is Fallas San Jose(meeting of spring). This is an impressive fiesta of light and fire. For five days, cardboard monuments are erected on all squares and main streets of Valencia, around which humorous performances are held, on the fifth day, huge monuments are set on fire. Tourists who visited Valencia during this period, day and night, will enjoy an endless stream of divine music and watch the most beautiful fireworks, hear the explosions of firecrackers. The Spanish Fallas San Jose is partially similar to our Russian Shrovetide.

What is the best time to visit Valencia?

As you can tell from this table, the weather in Valencia remains pleasant throughout the year. Depending on your personal preferences, you should choose one or another month for your vacation. If you love the sun, then your best bet is to come to Valencia between May and September. However, it should be borne in mind that during these months the sun can burn mercilessly(especially in August), which will complicate sightseeing. But this is a great time for those who like to spend a lot of time on the beach. During this period, you will need to bring light clothing such as shorts, skirts and sandals(as well as bikinis/swimming trunks if you are going to the beach).

It is worth noting that due to the heat, many locals leave Valencia in August. This means that some shops, bars and restaurants will be closed during this time. If you prefer milder weather, then come to Valencia between October and April. The table shows that even in December the temperature does not drop below 8 degrees Celsius. It follows that you will need to bring a sweatshirt and jacket with you, and walking around the city will be quite pleasant. Rain is rare in Valencia, so feel free to plan any walks, rain is unlikely to disrupt your plans. However, in winter, just in case, it is better to take an umbrella with you!