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Danish homes

Do you want to experience your stay in traditional yet modern Danish homes? Book your ticket now to Denmark and book your accommodation with us! Nature.house will provide remarkable houses located in the middle of nature. You can explore the flora and fauna in Denmark while also getting the best holiday experience inside our cottages!


Perhaps you are thinking about going on a hiking or mountain biking trip to Denmark, then for sure, you won’t miss seeing its gorgeous fauna and flora. There are approximately 30,000 species of plants and animals that will impress your eyes. You will have the chance to spot the red deer, the black woodpecker, and the tawny owl in their natural habitat, especially in Rold Skov, an 8,000 hectares forest in the Scandinavian country. Regarding plants, it is worth mentioning that the slipper orchids, bog rosemary, wild blueberries, cranberries, and a large area of conifers, compose the superb Danish nature. Also, you should pay a visit to the fjords of Limfjord in North Jutland. Therefore, if you are planning a memorable summer vacation, a lovely romantic getaway, or a trip during Christmas, Easter, or Ascension holidays, then you should definitely rent a Danish home and discover the beauty of this northern country. On the website of Nature.house you can find a wide variety of types of accommodation from cottages, treehouses, chalets to tents. Check the availability and prepare for an unforgettable holiday in the nature of Denmark.

Active holidays in Denmark

For active travellers, we also have some suggestions. Just like the Netherlands, Denmark is a flat country with an extensive cycling network in and outside the cities. There are 11 national routes that follow well-signed paths along the major railway lines. Take one of the routes and see some of the most interesting and important attractions in the country. There are several tourists that go there for cycling holidays. Did you know that Denmark has approximately 12,000 km of cycling routes? That’s impressive, right? Therefore, you and your loved ones can rent bikes in Denmark and enjoy the wonderful sceneries and the tranquillity of Danish nature. Some of the most popular cycling routes are the Baltic Sea Cycle Route (820 km), the North Sea Cycle Route (560 km), or a shorter one is the Border Route (130 km). Hiking in Denmark is another great way to discover the superb natural beauty of the Scandinavian country while you are on holiday. The best places to do this are the designated national parks like Thy and Mols. In many places, you can go horseback riding and marvel at the beautiful surroundings. In case you have decided to go to Denmark during the Christmas holidays, you can try skiing or snowboarding. Perhaps you thought that this might not be possible. However, there are in total approximately 6 km of slopes. Hedeland is a nature and leisure area that you shouldn’t miss for practicing winter sports. Also, CopenHill is a unique ski destination. It is a power plant that has on its top an artificial ski and snowboard slope. Isn’t it cool?

Adventures in water

Denmark is an exquisite destination for water enthusiasts. Swimming is the favourite activity of tourists and locals. The coastal areas have beautiful beaches with clean waters. Kayaking and canoeing are other fun activities that anyone can enjoy. It’s best done in the inland waterways, and it's possible even in the canals of Copenhagen. Of course, you can also choose a sea trip to one of the isles of Funen, in the South Denmark Region. The best time for water activities is during the summer months of July and August. Still, if you’d like to test your abilities and courage, do like the Dans: hop into the freezing waters in the winter for a quick bath, and then rush into the hot sauna for some relaxation. The water adventures don’t end here. The wind-swept waters of Denmark make up for some of the best windsurfing conditions in Europe. Kite surfing, paragliding, and hang-gliding are also part of the sports you can practice.


About 40% of the population of Denmark lives in the capital city of Copenhagen. Leaving the rest of the country sparsely populated, allows you to really enjoy the stunning nature of Denmark in breathless silence. The scenic region of Lakelands is made up of hills, forests, and lakes that can only be found here. Take a weekend break to discover Denmark’s longest river, Jutland’s biggest lake, and the highest point in the country - Møllehøj. If you’re planning a relaxing holiday in Danish nature, you can meditate in the stillness of the lakes. The peace and quietness of the natural environment are the perfect backdrops for your soulful retreat. To get most of your break, turn off your phone and enjoy days of digital detox. Are you looking for some time alone in nature in Denmark? Book a Danish home with a contactless stay! You won’t even have to meet the landlord to give you the keys. Enjoy a holiday of complete isolation where you can fully focus on yourself, and come in peace with nature. If that’s not your thing, then rent a b&b accommodation. You’ll have the chance to meet one of our welcoming landlords and get valuable advice on the best places to visit in the region. Let’s not forget the delicious breakfast you’ll get every morning! Perhaps you are not so sure yet where to go to Denmark. There are several places that are worth seeing, such as Fano, Lønstrup, Rønne-Sydstrand, Søndervig, or Zealand. You can discover the natural treasures of Denmark while hiking, cycling, or even skiing. Are you planning to go with your family, friends, or just with your partner? At Nature.house you can find a multitude of cottages, treehouses, tents, chalets, or log cabins for you and your loved ones. Don’t forget to check the last minute offers and you will enjoy a lovely holiday in Denmark at a cheaper price. So, are you ready for a vacation?