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Book a rural holiday home in Castile-León here. We offer a selective range of beautifully situated holiday homes in Castile-León. This region in the north of Spain is the largest in the entire country. There is also plenty of nature to see in this fantastic region. The landscape in Castile-León is very varied. The imposing plateau in particular is worth seeing in this region.

The soil in this region is very fertile, but agriculture is struggling in this region. Especially in the summer it can be very dry, which makes agriculture difficult.

In the "wild" area of ​​Castile-León a number of rare animal species can still be observed with great luck. You can still find bears and wolves, both of which were threatened with extinction in this region for a long time, but a number of protection campaigns have kept them going. Search for these beautiful animal species in Castile-León. has a nice range of holiday homes in Castile and Leon. These cottages are all in a rural and quiet location and therefore offer you an excellent starting point to explore this beautiful region.

The capital of Castile and León is Valladolid. This city has approximately 350,000 inhabitants. It is a city with a rich cultural influence. Both old architecture and new architecture can be found there. The Puente de Hispanoamérica is an example of the new architecture. It is a bridge that looks a bit like our own Erasmus bridge. For culture lovers, there is also plenty to experience in this wonderful region with Valladolid as the capital. Are you looking for a holiday home near Valladolid? has holiday homes near this city, located in the peace and nature. So you can easily make a trip to Valladolid from one of our holiday homes in Castile-León.

Would you like help finding a holiday home in Castile and Leon? Then it is an idea to contact us. We will of course be happy to help you find a nice holiday home in Castile-León. You can contact us via our contact page or via our telephone number, which is listed at the top of the website.

It is of course also possible to have a look in the nearby regions. These regions may just have the vacation home that you are looking for. The surrounding regions around Castile-León often have the same kind of landscape and nature and are therefore certainly worth a visit.

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