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Cottages in Aosta Valley

Are you preparing for a holiday in Italy? There is one region that scores less on tourist arrivals, but is still worthy of your attention. That is the Aosta Valley, located in the north of Italy, bordering France to the west and Switzerland to the north. Don’t miss out on your chance to spend a few days in the mountains of this tiny region of remarkable natural beauty. Book a cottage in Valle d’Aosta and forget about the busy city life, relaxing in the peaceful rural atmosphere.

Aosta Valley - the highest region of Italy

The Aosta Valley is completely covered in mountains, and it borders the soaring peaks of Mont Blanc, the Matterhorn, and the Grand Combin. They can be seen from the summits of Gran Paradiso, the only mountain that lies entirely in Italy. There are also gorgeous lakes in the lowlands or elevated in the mountains. In the highest places you’ll also find sparkling glaciers and snow-capped cliffs. The landscapes continue with deep valleys and brightly colored forests, an incredible view that you can have from the window of your cottage. The oldest national park in Italy, the Gran Paradiso National Park, is located in Valle d’Aosta and it borders the province of Piedmont. Check our nature houses there if you want to stay surrounded by natural beauty with unique flora and fauna. There are a total of 57 glaciers located in the Park, making it the predominant landscapes of the area. The glaciers and their many bubbling streams formed the geography of the mountains and the deep valleys that are famous for the Aosta Valley region. Gran Paradiso National Park was created in order to preserve the Alpine ibex, which was heavily poached until 1945. After the land was officially protected, the ibex population grew from just 419 to almost 4,000 ibex that now live in the Park. If you want to observe these wonderful animals you have to climb high in the mountains and pastures, where they reside in the summer months. In the spring winter they descend to the valleys where they can feed on the plants. The rest of the wildlife lives predominantly in the woodlands of the Park, but you can also find the golden eagle and the wallcreeper nesting or flying around the rocky cliffs. Species you can encounter are the badger, chamois, weasel, wolf, and if perhaps even the lynx. Go hiking in the forests and mountains and say hello to the animals! But what else can you do when you’re staying in a cottage in the Aosta Valley?

Activities to do during your holiday

There’s plenty of adventures and sports that you can do outdoors. In the mountainous Valle d’Aosta, the most popular activities are winter sports like skiing and snowboarding. There are about 23 designated ski areas. Hiking, trekking, or just walking around the splendid nature are also ideas about activities. Discover the landscapes by foot or even by bike! The experts in mountain biking can enjoy more than 1,000km of off-road trails. The water adventures possible Valle d’Aosta are canoeing, kayaking, and white-water rafting in the roaring rivers. You can also take a day trip to the cities. The first settlement in the area is found namely in the Aosta Valley. It’s a prehistoric archeological site dating back to the mesolithic period, and it is situated where now lies the district of Saint-Martin-de-Corléans. The capital of the region Aosta is another place for cultural exploration. The city is renowned as the “Rome of the Alps” for its ancient Roman ruins. Walk through Aosta and see the Roman-build bridges, gates, walls, towers, the Roman theater and the triumphal Arch of Augustus. If you’re just looking for some quiet time in nature, spend your days in the garden of your cottage or bungalow, and enjoy the sun in the company of your loved ones. If you’re travelling with a big group, our villas are probably the more suitable accommodation. And for the best family trip, consider booking an agriturismo! Stay in a farm or a charming Italian country house, learn about organic farming, and let your children play with the animals. You can pick your own garden herbs, vegetables, and fruits, and prepare delicious meals for you and even your landlord. Whatever you decide to do, being away from the city and surrounded by nature will charge your batteries for months ahead!

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