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The Bavaria region includes several nature areas, including the Bavarian Alps. Due to the many hiking trails and mountainous areas this is a dream region for all mountain biking, cycling, hiking and Nordic walking fanatics. This is a perfect destination for lovers of the outdoor.

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Cottages in Bavaria

The Bavarian region comprises several nature reserves, including the Bavarian Alps. Because of the many hiking trails and mountainous areas, this is a dream region for all lovers of mountain biking, cycling, hiking, or Nordic walking. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, then you can spend your holiday here in one of our holiday homes to your heart's content!

Flora and fauna

The Bavarian Forest is currently the largest existing forest landscape in Central Europe. The appearance of this area is determined by the extensive forests, broad valleys, and sturdy mountain ridges. The shy lynx can still be found in the mostly mountainous landscape. This is a feline that has typical tufts on its ears. You can also encounter ibexes and with a lot of luck a bear. The 'murmeltier', the marmot, which you can recognize by its typical whistling sound, is very special.


You can discover the beautiful nature and varied landscapes of Bavaria in many different ways: by bike, on foot, by car or on horseback, everything is possible! The state of Bavaria has the highest waterfalls in the whole of Germany and these are all well worth a visit. Do you prefer to see the area around your holiday home from above? Then get on a cable car, a gondola, or one of the amusement park courts. Also, fun to do with the kids.

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On our website, you will find dozens of nature houses in Bavaria, all varying in the price range and luxury level. So we hope that there is a suitable house for everyone! If you need help finding your next holiday home or holiday destination, we will be happy to help you. For questions, bookings, and tips we can be reached by phone, via social media, or by e-mail.