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Green and beautiful landscapes? Or walking through some aesthetical and historical significance? England is very much of both. This country in the United Kingdom has rugged coastlines that are alternated by hilly countryside where quiet ripple rivers stream and forests and lakes act as if time has been frozen. Our cottages are found in several locations in England. Whether it is in the field, in the woods or by the waters, these English cottages will allow you to relax and have an unforgettable experience. So book a holiday house in the nature of England and explore the country!

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Cottages in England

Green and beautiful landscapes? Or walking through some aesthetical and historical significance? England is very much of both. This country in the United Kingdom has rugged coastlines that are alternated by hilly countryside where quiet ripple rivers stream and forests and lakes act as if time has been frozen. Our cottages are found in several locations in England. Whether it is in the field, in the woods or by the waters, these English cottages will allow you to relax and have an unforgettable experience. So book a holiday house in the nature of England and explore the country!

The diversified nature of England


England has a diverse pattern of natural vegetation due to its varied climate and soils. The beautiful English landscape gardens, and a part of an estate or castle, are stunning sights to see from your holiday house. All kinds of plants and trees are interspersed with waterfalls, bridges, and temples. You can also often find a place for a real cup of English tea at these gardens. With an agriturismo holiday, you can learn about organic farming and your children can play with the animals. It's an authentic and truly rewarding experience. Southeast England is covered with oak, elm, ash, and beech trees. The wild vegetation consists of the natural flora of woods, fins, cliffs, and mountain slopes. Envisage yourself relaxing in the cottages of Cornwall, a county that forms the tip of the southwestern peninsula of England with mild, warm, or sub-tropical climate and beautiful palm trees. While walking down the coastal area of ​​Cornwall from your holiday house, you will be mesmerized by the astonishing scene of heavenly-scented rare flower species such as Bulbous Buttercup, Sea campion, Spring squill and so many others that could be included in this list, it's difficult to know where to stop! For your spring break holidays, this is a perfect destination to book a cottage in nature, secluded from others.


Deforestation has caused the reduction of animals in England therefore, wolves, bears, and reindeer are extinct but red and roe deer are protected for sport. Very similar to northwestern continental Europe, smaller mammals like foxes, hares, hedgehogs, rabbits, stoats, and shrews are found. Otters are spotted playing in many rivers, and seals frequently appear along the coast! The steep, rocky coast of England is home to many different seabirds. The rocks provide them with an ideal breeding place. Hence, you'll most definitely encounter the gannet, kittiwake, and shag. Do keep an eye out for the Norwegian petrels, because if you get too close to their nest they might attack you! Red squirrels in a large population can be found in the Lake District in North West England. Since on road, you may have to slow down once you spot road signs alerting you to the possible presence of red squirrels.

Sports & recreation

To have a stress-free holiday outside of your cottages, take a step outside and you can find plenty of footpaths, which give you the perfect opportunity to view the unique English landscape, both along the coast and the countryside. You might even spot a deer on your way! Even though Scotland has most of the highest peaks and mountains in the UK, England is also an attractive destination for hikers and climbers. Gliding through the water in your kayaks on a beautiful summer day as you take in all that nature has to offer in England, sounds perfect, doesn't it? Go to the mountainous Lake District, UK's newest UNESCO protected site, for a picturesque hike or kayak with views of the tranquil lakes, fells, and the whole heap of sleepy villages to explore. This region is also a popular place for collecting precious gems if you'd like to try something new. You definitely have more options to go hiking.

During summers, go on a rewarding hike across the Cotswolds Way, where you can visit the traditional English villages, spot sheep and cows on the farms, and take pictures with the Broadway Tower. Experienced surfers might want to check out Devon, with crazy waves perfect for tricks where you might find yourself and your mates alone on the beach, even during the winters! Looking for a workout and downhill action on the slopes? There are plenty of skiing centers around England, some of which are close to the holiday houses you book!

A dose of determination and stamina is required to climb to one of the highest peaks in England, The Scafell Pike. The views from the top are rewarding and best for skyrunning. It is one of the most iconic site in the magical Lake District. It is littered with the debris of igneous rock from the Ordovician geological period (500 million years ago). That's some history right there! Do you prefer crowds of people, or are you a true lover of culture? Pay a visit to the popular London. Here you will find plenty of museums, architecture, shops, and other attractions. You surely won't get bored! A visit to one of the English seaside resorts is also recommended.

About England

Visit the only natural UNESCO heritage site

Stretching from East Devon and continuing 95 miles to the Old Harry Rocks near Dorset, this is one of the most prestigious sites in the UK. The Jurassic Coast was inscribed as a world heritage site in 2001 because of its unique range of fossil fuels and rock formations. Nowadays, as the cliff eventually erodes, they scatter a variety of fossils that are all along the beach. So keep your eyes peeled for finding different fossils. You might be the first to discover and lay eyes on the fossils that are present for more than 90 million years. Something you can share with your friends and family after you return. It is a bit like walking through geological history. Along the way, you may want to visit museums like The Etches Collection or Sidmouth museum where you can take a journey through Jurassic marine life 150 million years ago or discover the world of the Triassic period that allowed the earliest ancestors of the dinosaurs to emerge. Don't forget to pop across the Jurassic Coast and visit the famous Durdle Door.

Cornwall, a place that will capture your heart

From culture to unique sites, booking a cottage in Cornwall will expose you to various experiences that you've always longed for! The architecture here is distinctive as it uses natural stone like granite state and local white lime-washing. Your cottage might be built with one of these natural resources. It is also famous for its pasties which are a type of pie often containing meat, a must-try! But what it is really famous for is the gorgeous coastline that it has to offer. St. Michael's is one of Cornwall's gems that you should see. It is one of the prettiest places to visit in England as it's roosted on its own tidal island. Watergate Bay is another place that provides a relaxing beach vibe with bright blue waters and stunning greenery around. Don't forget to carry your swimsuits!

Derbyshire's Carr Vale Reserve

Have you heard of this place before? If you're a bird lover, this natural reserve is the perfect place for birdwatching. Around 2000 birds are on migration during spring and autumn. These are important times on the reserve at Carr Vale is an ideal place for them to feed and perch. In winters, a more secretive visitor is the water railbird, it skulks above the marsh areas. You will hear a distinctive squealing call if you don't sight one. Plus, you can walk through a reedbed habitat and spot rare insects. Plunge into the bright colors of spring or multicolored autumn from one of the cottages in Derbyshire-Lancashire.

The Seven Sisters of Sussex

These romantic seven hills are a series of chalk cliffs in East Sussex. They are a comforting reminder of what nature has to offer. The cliffs peak and immerse along the coastline, making seven hills in total - hence the name. Beautiful creamish-white color is seen as the cliffs erode. You can pay a visit to the nearby sheep center and take your children to play with the sheeps endemic to the area and have a small picnic as well. Also, carry your paintbrush and palette to paint the unblemished view of the Seven Sisters.

Malham Cove

Are you a Harry Potter fan? Then this place is a must-visit. Tell your friends about this limestone formation in the sleepy village of Malham in North Yorkshire. It was formed by a waterfall created at the end of the Ice Age. It might look familiar to you as this beautiful countryside was featured in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part 1).

Climate & Weather

Now you might be wondering, when is the best time to visit England? A day that starts out sunny and delightful might be dark and gray with showers over lunchtime. May, June, September, and October are the best months to travel if you are a summer person. They have the most pleasant temperatures. Carry a raincoat or an umbrella during your holiday if you go in the months of July and August as these are the warmest months, but they are also the wettest. They might make your life easier if you're going on a hike in the mountains. The sunniest parts are along the south coast of England but during the winter months, Cornwall is the coldest place in England but is the least likely to get snow. Several thin layers can keep you warm but in extreme winters.

Why should you choose a holiday house in England?

With people around, it is virtually impossible to find peace and privacy in large chain hotels. The walls can be thin and you are continually interrupted by the noises from neighboring rooms! A large number of people around will not allow you to have some family time in the open over the weekends. But our nature houses in England are exactly opposite to this and something that you might be looking for!

You have plenty of accommodations in England to choose from! But why exactly would you want to book one? A holiday home in England with its traditional English architecture will give you a very cozy yet fresh feeling as you will be surrounded by mother nature. It will be a great getaway but at the same time will give you a homely feeling. For instance, imagine booking a chalet in the mountains with a full-fledged kitchen that has an oven or a dishwasher. Or a fireplace that will keep you warm after you return from skiing with your family or friends, especially during the winters. You can apply certain filters for the specific features of the holiday home that you'd like to stay in.

Choosing a holiday home in nature instead of an expensive hotel or a large-scale holiday park, you will be exposed to a peaceful atmosphere and a cottage that allows for panoramic views in England. Need a break from a stressful week? Secluded from the crowds and mass tourism, our cottages are located in the middle of nature such as in the woods, the fields, or near the sea and many other options that you could choose from which ensures a calming and relaxing break surrounded by wilderness. You can even spot some of the rare or endangered species outside your cottage once in a while! You can also check out our homes in the small holiday parks in England. Here, you can enjoy your stay with other fellow nature lovers and go on adventures together.

After a long day full of new discoveries and adventures, you can relax and enjoy some fish and chips with your family in your holiday home! Who would want to miss out on this culinary fusion while being in England? You can also have your breakfast in the garden or on the terrace. Check out our b & b options for a convenient stay in your accommodation in England. However, you can also prepare the food you want at your convenience. If you're looking for magnificent scenery, England seriously delivers. From the picture-perfect cliffs lining the coast to ancient caves and captivating landscapes, you can find a wide variety of cottages near these spots. And guess what? You can bring your pets along with you as there is a wide range of holiday homes that are suitable for your dearest four-legged friend. It will be a refreshing experience for them too! If you want to stay connected to the world during your long vacation, then the internet is also available! Just click on the icon and it will list all the accommodations that allow pets and online connectivity. With your holiday in England will be complete by all of your loved ones.

It's holiday time!

Imagine England. Now imagine Christmas in England. It is cold, wet, and foggy but an exciting time to be with your loved ones. For the four days, you can escape from the busy city life and spend a lovely Christmas with your family inside a cottage or a villa. Come back from skiing in the mountains and get ready for a feast of turkey with chestnut stuffing, or roast beef and Yorkshire pudding for Christmas Eve. Bake cookies, and hang stockings over the fireplace in your holiday house. Even if you book a last minute together with someone, you have more time for each other this holiday, and you don't have to stress because of your busy schedules. Let yourself be pampered and focus on the natural surroundings around you. Travel for your Easter holidays and the festive mood manifest in nature as well. It can be anytime between March and April. The Beth Chatto Gardens in Essex during this time is a must-visit, too!

The types of accommodation we offer

Our cozy yet traditionally-designed holiday cottages are found in several locations of England. Whether it be isolated, near the sea, or in the fields, these cottages will allow you to relax and have an unforgettable experience with your friends and family. With amenities such as a refrigerator and electricity, you can choose a glamping accommodation if you're going for an adventure in nature. This includes all of our luxury yurts, caravans, or any holiday home that can make your stay "glamorous". These are perfect for a last minute holiday for the weekend. Apartments, cottages, bungalows or country houses are a more suitable option for a long family holiday in England. For instance, book a 5-person cottage in Cotswolds or Kent, that has a semi-detached farmhouse with a beautiful garden where your kids can play around. Some holiday houses may have private parking space available while others will have swimming pools and saunas to treat yourself. On cold days you can light a cozy wood stove. Whatever home you choose, be sure that you'll get a soulful and active holiday in the middle of nature, away from the hustle and bustle.