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For a brief moment in time, we want you to imagine there was an offer extended to you. An offer of an amazing time away from the big city and the busy streets, away from the busy everyday life we all inevitably lead in order to provide a better future for ourselves and our families. A noble pursuit indeed. We know how important it is to bring food to the table and to prove ourselves at our jobs daily. But we do understand that in order to do that in the long term, we need to take time off. We need to relax and take deep breaths of fresh natural air.

You do not need to imagine that there is an amazing offer of a natural vacation, because is here to do exactly that. The offer of an amazing vacation in cottages in Devon, England. This vacation will surely revitalize your body, your soul, and all your worries will disappear, leaving a refreshed person with new energy to chase your dreams and progress in your professional career. We know how hard you have worked to do this until now, and that is exactly why we want to extend this offer. All you have to do is take the first step.

A journey to the heart of nature itself

Devon is an amazing county located in the southwest part of England. Even though it is fairly small compared to other counties, it has certainly received its fair share of natural wonders. Your amazing stay at a cottage in Devon, will bring you endless memories. You will compile so many great and unique photos that you will certainly have to buy new picture albums. If it just so happens that your birthday is upcoming, you know what you have to ask for! The sheer diversity of natural wonders in Devon will be hard to believe. The only way to know for sure is to take’s offer and come visit and see for yourself.

From the amazing sandy beaches to the ancient fossil cliffs of the English riviera, Devon’s nature will leave you breathless with its amazing natural wonders. Sights like you have never seen before await behind every corner. And all of this within walking distance of your own private cottage! If this is something that sounds as good to you as it does to us, then this offer might be the perfect thing you are looking for. A perfect getaway for a nature lover like you. The fresh air you will inhale in Devon will be like nothing you have felt before. A sheer breath of freedom itself. You can rest assured that there will be something for any taste here. Beach or mountain? Steep or flat? Cold or hot? All you have to do is make your choice and Devon will have it to offer immediately. The diversity in locations around the amazing county will give you the freedom to choose. And it's fairly small size will allow you to travel and see the full beauty of this amazing heaven on earth.

All the amazing activities you can undertake while on this amazing adventure

The diversity in natural wonders that Devon has to offer directly corresponds to the many opportunities it has to offer on different things to do. Staying active while on this trip will be the most amazing physical workout you have ever experienced. The diversity in the natural landmarks makes it easy for you to choose what you are looking for. Are you a more laid back type? You like to take long and slow walks around nature, inhaling the fresh air while enjoying the sounds of birds around you? If this sounds good then Devon will satisfy your thirst. Long walkways around the sheer cliffs or along the long and endless beaches will leave you filled with energy for years to come.

Are you looking to bring your bike along for the ride? England is famous for having some of the most amazing and challenging mountain bike trails in the entire world. If you are looking for a more adventurous journey, certainly this is something that you can do here. Towering cliffs around you, the cold breeze in your breath, the blue waters on the horizon. Getting the image in your head? We most certainly do. Ending the long and exciting day with a cozy evening in your Devon cottage, with a cup of tee in one hand and your favourite book in the other. Sitting right next to your most beloved person or even the entire family!’s offer of cottages is surely an amazing trip to take the entire family out to.

Wondering what to wear?

As you might already have presumed, what you will have to pack depends very much on the time of the year you choose to visit. Nevertheless, we will try to give you the complete picture of what you can expect from the weather in Devon. England is fairly known for having plenty of rain all year round. This is due to its oceanic climate. The temperatures can drop to somewhat minus ten degrees celsius in the cold months of the year around Christmas. Your stay in your Cottage in Devon will be prepared for such an occasion, should you indeed choose to take your family around Christmas time.

If you are not looking forward to packing your jackets and beanies, worry not. Degrees in England and Devon can rise up to 35 degrees celsius! That is of course during the summer months between June and August. If you are looking to catch some sun while on your stay, you will be given the chance. If this is indeed your choice, do not forget to pack your sunglasses. However, we would still advise you to pack in an umbrella. You never know what might be waiting around the corner!

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