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Do you recognize the struggle of the search for the perfect holiday home? And when you have found the perfect holiday home, is your four-legged friend not welcome? We can imagine that this is an unpleasant situation and we have the solution! At we have almost 4000 naturehouses where a dog is also very welcome. This way you can enjoy a holiday home with your dog!

Holiday with a dog

It is possible to stay in many different types of accommodation, even if you are looking for a holiday home with a dog. The amount of people you can stay with varies greatly per accommodation. You will find small-scale houses where you can stay with two people, but also group accommodations. The number of dogs that you can take with you also varies per accommodation. You recognize a natural house where you can stay with a pet always by the pet symbol that is depicted in the advertisement. If you enter the travel group, you can see exactly how many dogs are welcome in that specific house. In most nature houses you will be allowed to take two dogs, but there are also accommodations where you are welcome with six dogs.

Explore Europe

Throughout Europe you will find attractive nature houses where you are very welcome with a dog. For example, you can choose to stay in a holiday home with dog in, for example, the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Portugal, Greece or Italy. Because of the extensive range there is always a holiday home where you can relax during your vacation! Whether you prefer to stay in the mountains, farmlands or by the sea, the possibilities are endless.

Have you been looking for the perfect accommodation for a while and would you like to enjoy a holiday home with a dog? Then is the right place for you. With almost 4000 houses where you can stay with your dog, we can meet your wishes!

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