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B&B Veluwe

Do you want to explore a forest or rather take long hikes on far stretched sandy trails surrounded by heath? And how would you like to explore? By bike, foot or maybe even by horse? With over 1000 square kilometers, the Veluwe is the biggest nature reserve in the Netherlands. It is characterized by hills, forests, shifting sands and heathland. The area has no clear borders and within the Veluwe there are two national parks. There is so much nature to discover of every part of the Veluwe and it will leave your senses tingling with excitement. Besides tranquility, the Veluwe also offers many special culinary initiatives, cultural hotspot and picturesque Hanseatic towns.

This all sounds pretty good right? Well, how about you make your stay even more special and stay in one of our B&Bs in the middle of the Veluwe. Your stay completely in nature is a guarantee and you can take a real break in and enjoy the serenity of the Veluwe. A bed and breakfast is typically a small accommodation where you rent a room in, for example the house, shed, or garden house of the host/hostess. This kind of accommodation is always very personal and as icing on the cake, breakfast is included as well! Furthermore, the host/hostess are always more than willing to provide you with all essential information about the area so you won’t have to miss a thing when visiting the Veluwe.