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Norwegian cabin

Need a break from your busy life? Ask anyone in Norway and they’ll tell you - a mindful escape in nature and the mountains will solve all your problems! To help you find the perfect getaway we’ve selected some of the coziest cabins in Norway, all situated in the middle of nature. Yes, Norway’s unparalleled natural beauty will wait on your doorstep!

Mother Nature triumphs in Norway

Norway is a place that captivates some of mother nature’s best moments. Words are simply not enough to describe how beautiful this country is. Maybe it’s best to start with what the Norwegians themselves hold most dearly to their hearts - the mountains.

The sacred mountains

Even though Norway is home to a vast array of natural features, each of them absolutely remarkable, the ever-present mountains stand above all. Summer vacations, winter holidays, short breaks, weekends, just the tiniest bit of spare time Norwegians have, they like to spend it in the mountains. Skiing, swimming, meeting friends, or fishing, it doesn’t matter. The massive ranges of the mountains remain part of the national identity of Norwegians and form its fundamental customs and traditions.

The Scandinavian Mountains in Norway stretch from north to south, covering around 90% of the country’s territory with mountainous terrain. This makes Norway one of the most mountainous European countries after Switzerland and Greece, among others. In this competition Norway wins with unmatched massifs. The steep ridges and jagged peaks resemble the dramatic Alpine terrain, but Norway stands out with its formidable rounded rock formations and genuinely bizarre cliffs. Trolltunga, or “The Troll’s Tongue”, is one of the most notable cliffs, and arguably the most photographed of all. To reach Norway’s highest point you should visit the “Home of the Giants”. This is the second name of the Jotunheimen National park, where the giants Galdhøpiggen and Glittertind rest proudly. Galdhøpiggen is the tallest Scandinavian mountain, rising to 2,469 m above sea level. The second highest peak in Norway Glittertind falls behind with just about 5 m difference in height.

Outdoor recreation

To preserve its wildlife and treasures, Norway has established 47 national parks on its territory. What is fascinating is that all of the countryside and protected wild areas are accessible for all. You can explore any place you’d like, following a few basic regulations and the main rule to leave everything as you found it.

The mountains and national parks have long attracted visitors with their magnetism, but this Norwegian approach to wildlife, the preservation and accessibility to nature, make a notable difference in the attractiveness of Norway. Feel free to roam the wilderness on your own, or explore the extensive map of marked trails to find the most suitable hiking path for you. You’ll have a choice between more than a thousand kilometres of trails, and another thousand fascinating fjords embellishing the coast. You can also travel south to visit the scenic area of Lysefjord , or admire the blossoming spring trees of the Hardangerfjord in Western Norway.

Norway’s jewel

The fjords in Fjord Norway have been a UNESCO world heritage site since 2005, with Geirangerfjord and Nærøyfjord being the most popular fjords. The Geirangerfjord fjord offers a spellbinding vertical panorama of the encounter between land and sea. Sheer rock walls reaching 1,400 meters above the waters bind the titanic mountains to the bright Norwegian Sea, revealing a view to take your breath away. And it doesn’t stop here. As if the fjord is not vibrant enough, the colorful palette of undulating forests is amplified by thrashing rivers reaching for the glaciers and mountains. The water streams reach their peak in the spectacular waterfalls, which are a natural decor for the towering rocky walls. While the mountains of Norway are almost worshiped in the country, they are the powerhouse of the outdoor recreation culture of Norwegians. The true pinnacle of the natural experience in Norway remains the fjords.

Did you plan your days?

Pretend that you are already on your trip, staying in a cabin in Norway. At this moment you’re living in a peaceful place of outstanding natural beauty, secluded from the crazy city and quietly hidden in the Norwegian forests. What do you imagine you’ll be doing? Skiing, swimming, making pancakes?

See your Norwegian cabin as a well-deserved and much needed retreat from your fast-paced life. Recharge your batteries in a way that best suits you. Reconnect with nature. Meet the local animal life and discover plants you’ve never seen before! Plan sports, activities, and walks. Read a book in your garden, then prepare a nice picnic to enjoy outside. Later you can play hide and seek with your kids in the forest, or indulge in a romantic evening by the fireplace.

You can also take some alone time to work on a new project, or meditate in the best natural spot nearby your Norwegian nature house. Even alone you are not lonely. The sun is smiling, the wind is giving you a gentle hug every now and then. Birds are chirping their secret messages in vibrant songs. What an honor it is to be included in their conversation, and a real pleasure for the ears! Crackling sounds coming from the forest floor, something moves quickly through the branches, cones and tree seeds drift to the ground. This cycle now repeats itself endlessly. Isn’t it peaceful? Enjoy the little things in life, free your mind, and the things you need will reach you effortlessly. Like the right Norwegian cabin.

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