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A beautiful holiday in the Austrian Alps

Vorarlberg is a tiny but beautiful piece of land that welcomes those who seek to discover the wondrous world of Central Europe’s natural beauty. It is the westernmost and smallest province of Austra, located in the Alps and a popular winter sports destination for local and international tourists. offers last-minute stays in Vorarlberg, perfect for a spontaneous getaway where you can recharge and relax surrounded by the astonishing Alpine nature.

The incredible natural beauty of Vorarlberg

Vorarlberg shares a border with Germany, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein and consists of stunning landscapes, breath-taking panoramas, and unforgettable sceneries. Needless to say, due to the location of the province the most popular time to visit Vorarlberg is during the winter, however, the territory is a wonderful vacation destination not only for winter sports enthusiasts. If you decide to take some time off during the spring, you can witness the awakening of nature as the animal kingdom awakens and the woodlands become greener. Additionally, autumn in Vorarlberg is also a marvelous choice for vacating as the whole forest changes color revealing thrilling views and gorgeous sights around every corner.

In terms of the flora of the area, it is completely possible to be surrounded by magnificent wildflower fields such as gentian, alpine carnation, arnica, alpine rose, and heather during your last-minute Vorarlberg stay. The province is part of the Bregenz forest which is divided into two main areas - the Vorderwald (hills and low mountains) and Hinterwald (higher mountains). The fauna of the Bregenz forest is typical for the central European area and it includes deers, stags, rabbits, pheasants, foxes, badgers, martens, and partridges which could all be encountered around your last-minute Vorarlberg accommodation. The Alpine nature is known to be one of the most beautiful in the world and now with you have the chance to enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience in your own nature-based house.

Staying active during your retreat

Reserving a last-minute holiday does not mean that you can not enjoy the Alps in their full beauty. Lack of planning can sometimes be relieving as you have nothing to expect, yet prepare to be surprised. The area is a great choice for vacation during the summer as well, since a whole diversity of activities such as canyoning, mountain biking, and hiking are only possible during the warmer months of the year. Nevertheless, if you need a more relaxing rather than active holiday, then rest assured that spending some time off in the Vorarlberg province will provide you with just what you need. Perhaps soothing walks, local natural sights exploration, or simply fine dining and wine at your porch sound better fitting your idea of a vacation. What is more, if you decided to come as a family that includes children, spending some time surrounded by nature is important for the little ones as they have the chance to explore the local flora and fauna in a safe environment. The possibilities are countless and now easily accessible with All you have to do is allow yourself the vacation of your dreams.