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Italian farmhouse

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Italian farmhouse

During our normal lifestyle routines, we get used to the stress that is being put on us. However, that does not mean that this stress along with our responsibilities does not affect us. In fact, it does affect us negatively. Every once in a while, we need to take a break from the big city and relax. Thanks to, there’s a wonderful opportunity for such a holiday. Book one of our sunny Italian farmhouse stays in the astonishing mediterranean nature and have yourself a stress-relieving vacation, surrounded by a natural environment.

Natural environment

First and foremost, one of the most important things in life - health. Not only physical but also mental. With that said, our usual routines put up a lot of stress on our minds, as aforementioned. This negatively affects us in a way that not only our psyche is damaged, but our bodies too. Many people nowadays struggle with sleep deprivation, because of that stress. Put that along with overthinking about problems and responsibilities, top it off with noise pollution, lack of vacation and meditation and you have the formula for an unhealthy, unhappy person. Should you decide to book an Italian farmhouse with us, in a remote village, on a field, or even next to a river or lake, it is guaranteed that nature will help you relax and relieve the stacked stress. The natural environment has a positive, calming effect on human beings. It’s easy to explain why, however, it is easier to imagine why - for example, think of waking up on a sunny morning, no loud cars, honks and noise pollution, just the bird’s singing and farm life is blooming around you, which every once in a while is good to reconnect with.

Furthermore, Mediterranean paradise that is Italy, whether you want a sunny beach holiday, isolated woodland adventure, a mountain lodge stay, or even in an orchard, we’ve got it covered! Italy is characterised by a Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and cool, wet winters, there is a considerable variety when it comes to your surrounding fauna and a huge variation of flora as well. Some of the animals you might encounter are the Chamois, Italian wolf, Marmot, Alpine Marmot, Alpine Ibex, Brown Bear, golden eagle and Eurasian lynx. Italy’s main agricultural plants are wheat, corn (maize), potatoes, rice, sugar beets and there is a good chance that a big portion of these plants will be in the gardens of your farm.

Exploring your surroundings

If you decide to book one of our Italian farmhouses, you will have the opportunity to completely relax, regenerate and bond with nature. However, should you find yourself with some extra time or if you get the urge to explore the environment, there is much waiting for you out there. One thing is that you may take-up farming activities, if possible. If not, you could always walk down the gardens, pick your own fruits and vegetables and take a look at the livestock, if there’s any. Apart from that, you could go hiking, for example. There are countless routes you can follow throughout the country, many astonishing views, breathtaking scenery, rivers, lakes, forests and beaches to explore!