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Cottages in Central Jutland

The Nordic countries are a favorite tourist destination for their unique nature and culture. Denmark is among the most frequently visited and although Copenhagen is the prime destination with its century-old buildings, this Nordic country has a wonderful nature you ought not to miss. The peninsula on which Denmark is mostly located is called Jutland and it comprises Danish as well as some German territories. The terrain is predominantly flat with a small ridge in the central part.

We have numerous cottages to offer, situated in some of the most beautiful areas in Central Jutland. The cottages are equipped with everything you might need for an exciting trip to Denmark, regardless of the season! Our hosts are friendly people who will do the impossible to satisfy your needs! If you prefer to have as little interaction with people as possible, this is also an option with our contactless stay service!

The nature of Central Jutland

Central Jutland is also known as the Central Denmark Region and includes the areas of East Jutland, West Jutland, and of course Central Jutland. The geography in the area is full of different forms! You have the Djursland peninsula, Søhøjlandet (the highest region in Denmark, which also has the largest number of lakes), the North Sea shore, the Limfjord and a few islands such as Samsø and Anholt.

One of our favorite places in Central Denmark is the Mols Bjerge National Park. It is situated on the Djursland peninsula and is very close to the town of Aarhus. If you are familiar with the language, don’t be fooled by the name of this park meaning Mols Mountain. Denmark doesn’t have any mountains, which is probably why even the smallest hills are called a mountain! It is true however that the landscape is unique because it is somewhat hilly. On top of the Mols Bjerge a beautiful scenery opens and makes the visit totally worth it!

Kongenshus Mindepark is another interesting destination along the way. This park is covered by health throughout. This park’s vegetation is simply a snapshot from the past when around a quarter of the Jutland peninsula was covered in heath. Today, this park is one remnant of heathland. More than 12 square kilometers of purple heather await you here. It is a remarkable landscape and a great place to spend a day wandering in the company of cute sheep!


Denmark might not have many trekking or rock climbing options for you, however the nation has a love for wildlife which it is glad to share with visitors. The aquarium and wildlife park named AQUA is the place to go if you want to meet some fascinating Danish animals! In this family-friendly center you will be able to learn a lot about typical Danish animals such as otters, catfish, beavers, raccoons and many more. Syvaarssoeen is a beautiful area, which is a famous hiking spot. Yes, you read that right – a hiking spot! There are a few trails, some of which are longer than the rest. You can easily hike through the area with your kids, too.

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