Nature house in Valgorge

Very good 7 reviews
Very good 7 reviews


Nature house-id 24399
Region Rhône-alpes
Country France
Number of guests 6
Bedrooms 3
Type cottage
Rental situation part of house, no other guests
Location on a yard
Check-in 22:00
Check-out 07:00

About this nature house

This ruralhut is set in a former wine house in the west of the Ardeche, at the foot of the Massif du Tanargue (an unspoilt and protected nature reserve). The environment here is still authentic and with clean air and pure regional products. It is an ideal place for hikers, cyclists and nature lovers. The cottage is adjacent to cottage 24395. The cottage is located on a 1.6 hectare terrain bordering the Beame River so you have direct access to the water. You can cooldown in the water or underneath the big chestnut trees located in the orchard during hot days. Chambon is set at an altitude of about 600 meters, which makes for pleasant evenings on hot summer days. The cottage is located at the end of the street in a very quiet village. If you’d rather be alone you can find peace and quiet at the back of the house, in the direction of the river. Child-friendly: the terrain’s surface is not even, so a child could end up falling. It is also highly advisable to keep an eye on your child near the river, even though it’s not deep everywhere. It is of course also possible to set up a bath at the house, the owner would be more than happy to assist you with this! During the winter this ruralhut is heated using a wood burning stove.

Nature and surroundings

The rivers in the Ardeche are ideal for a canoe or kayak trip. Known rivers are of course the Ardeche, Chassezac, Eyrieux or Doux. You can also find many canoe/kayak centers in les Vans. In Vallon-Pont-d’Arc (very touristy and busy during the high season), the tours take place under the natural arc of the Pont d’Arc (the gateway to the gorges of the Ardeche). There are over 50 climbing spots in the Ardeche. From the Col de Meyrand (roughly 20 minutes away) you can also choose to paraglide. The landing ground is in Chambon. On a beautiful day and with favorable winds you can watch the paragliders all day from the private terrace, or you could participate yourself. Along Chambon is a Grand Randonnee. Numerous routes are set in the immediate surroundings. You could for example follow a route from Chambon to the Col de Meyrand. This is beautiful day trip through the pristine nature with beautiful views over the landscape. The combination of hiking and the many streams and rocks is ideal as it provides for the necessary cooling and variation. This makes the area also a fun hiking place for children. There are over 2,000 caves to discover for the speleogists. This is especially the case in the dry south-eastern area of the Ardeche. Mountain bikers can enjoy themselves on a large circuit of set trails (including the Col de Meyrand nature reserve).

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Bedroom 1
  • 1 pers. bed: 2x
  • cot: 0x
Bedroom 2
  • 1 pers. bed: 2x
Bedroom 3
  • 1 pers. bed: 0x
  • 2-pers. bed: 0x
  • dishwasher
  • terrace
  • terras (private)
  • garden
  • garden doors
  • garden furniture
  • washing machine
  • internet (WiFi)



Very good 7 reviews

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