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Villa Istria

Every traveler wants to visit as many places as possible in their life. Well, if you are lucky enough to visit Istria, you can visit 3 countries on the same trip! The peninsula is located on the land of Croatia, Slovenia and Italy, and the largest portion (almost 90%) is in Croatia. A fun fact about the peninsula is that it is shaped like a heart – something you can see for yourself if you do a simple google maps search.

Istria’s surreal nature

Some say that the best parts about Istria are the beaches, others say the mountains and the hilltop villages. There is truly something for everyone in this wonderful piece of land. Istria is such a magical place that it attracts tourists all year long. As you can imagine with every place that has a beach on the Adriatic Sea, the most popular time to visit is during summer. However, if you decide to take a trip during the winter season, I can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed. The lower amounts of tourists will make you feel like you are the king of the land as you hike during the hills of beautiful Istria.

Among the more than 25 protected parts of nature, Brijuni National park stands out with its 14 islands this is considered to be one of the most beautiful archipelagos in the Mediterranean. Imagine the landscape full with indigenous plants and deer, ox, camels and zebras grazing on them while you enjoy the archeological sites. Or explore the dinosaur trail in Kamenjak, where you can see the footprints on the rocks, some older than 60 million years. And for the birdwatching enthusiasts, Palud cove will not disappoint with its 215 and counting species of birds. While you are there you can visit the mussel farm situated in the flooded canyon valley in the rubble called Lim Fjord.

Istria is full with an intricate underground cave system. Some of the caves require expert equipment and knowledge, but most of them are very easily accessible for all kinds of curious explorers. Take a look at many stalagmites and stalactites, reaching up to 13 meters high.

What can you do during your holiday in nature?

Without a doubt, the most popular activity that the visitors of Istria engage in is going to the beach. If you are more of the summer type and you are looking for a nice beach to relax, the most popular beaches are Punta Kamenjak or Fazana beach. And if you would like some more privacy and some more nature to explore while on the rocky beach – you should consider Beach Valovine and Plomin Luka.

However, if you are not the beach type and you would like to explore forests – don’t you worry! Istria has a lot to offer with its various nature. Hiking through the hills and mountains of the peninsula is something that everyone should experience if they get the chance to. The view from the hills to the sea is something that you will never forget. The most popular hilltop villages to visit are Motovun and Groznjan.

After you get tired from all of the sunbathing and exploring, you should definitely visit some of the local restaurants. There are a lot of small, cozy places for lunch and dining, that you would never imagine exist. You can try a wide variety of dishes, but the one food that Istria is most famous for are the truffles. Maybe you noticed them during your hiking explorations, as they are very common in the area.

Book the most suitable nature house for your stay!

Who wouldn’t like to enjoy all of the wonderful activities from above in a big and luxurious house? Or maybe you would like to spend the evening near the fireplace with your family? There are a lot of possibilities you can choose from as far as housing / villas go.

Villas in this area are usually spacious and have a big garden with a place for outside dining – they can host from 2 up to 20 people. If you are a fan of doing your own barbeque – you can definitely choose the suitable villa to provide you with all you need to impress your family and friends. Many of the villas have a pool as well, if you would prefer the more private way of sunbathing. You can choose from only kid-sized pools or bigger ones. One thing is for guarantee – if you visit during Spring or Summer – you will be coming home with a tan, no matter what.

Would you like to engage in some friendly sport activities with your friends and family while you are on your holiday? A lot of the villas offer things like a billiards table or a Volleyball court. Yes, you read that right – you can play Volleyball in the comfort of your own yard. Are you travelling with pets? Most of the villas offered in the area are pet – friendly.

A perfect climate for a holiday outside

With its Mediterranean climate Istria is the right place to visit no matter the seasons. Mild and rainy winters and mellow and sunny summers await you there. Average summer temperatures reach 30 °C with a minimum of 15 °C at night. July has the highest hours of sunshine – about 300 hours. Water temperature is 25 °C from late June to mid-September. The humidity through the year stays about 60%. Winds are scarce, except the occasional breeze.