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Imagine this- you are in your own private safari tent, the sounds of nature are filling the air while you hold that book you have been wanting to read for some time in one hand. In the other - a hot cup of herbal tea, the herbs you picked up this morning on your morning stroll around your safari tent. If you are one of those people that just love to spend time in nature surrounded by its beauty, then this offer of is exactly for you.

Your own nature getaway is waiting for you

Also, if you are in big need of getting away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, and you have been looking for a sign to take that precious time off, then again this might be the exact sign you have been looking for. understands how important it is to take time off work and take the time to balance your body with your soul by giving yourself into nature and its revitalizing magical beauty. All you have to decide is when and where to take advantage of the amazing safari tent offer.

Speaking of natural beauty…

The safari tent retreat offered by is the perfect place for nature enthusiasts and people who are in desperate need of an experience that will rejuvenate their body, soul, and their energy in general. If you are a person that likes to stay at home after work or during the weekend but you are in need of the sounds of nature at your doorstep, then perhaps you would want to look to the amazing pearls of the natural beauty of the western part of Europe - Benelux, compiled of three of the most beautiful European countries: Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg, this rather flat scenery is perfect for people who are not looking to hike miles per day, but rather are looking for a peaceful walk in the great outdoors with every once in a while stumbling onto hidden rivers and valleys.

If you are looking to explore the vast beauty of European forestry then maybe a good choice for you would be to turn your eyes toward Austria, where you will encounter the magic of deep pine forests. Enjoy the rocky mountain scenery while tasting the fresh air of the forest and filling your lungs with the smell of freedom itself. Your safari tent will be your nature home, your adventures are your choices, is giving you that opportunity, all you have to do is decide to take it. We know you deserve it and we know you will feel like a different person once you have tasted the air of freedom. You will have stories for years to come, skills acquired, sceneries forever captured in your head. Your soul will thank you for this.

Your adventures - your choice

The ideas for adventures while on your amazing getaway are unlimited. All they will require is your unhumbled adventurous spirit, your imagination, and your desire to explore the magical beauty of nature all around you. And when we say all around you, that is exactly what we mean. Wherever you choose to visit and rent your own safari tent, you can rest assured that you will be surrounded from every side by unlimited beautiful natural wonders. You can take a different road every day. All will be equally wonderful and will fill your soul with adventure memories for years to come.

If you are looking to take a family vacation in a more unconventional way, the safari tent getaway will be the perfect opportunity. Reconnect with your loved ones while you explore the beautiful natural wonders of Europe. This can be the perfect time to show your little ones the vast tulip fields of the Netherlands. The magical forests and farmlands of Belgium, Italy, or even the magnificent french landscapes. Your children and your loved ones will have memories for years to come and selfies that will be worth staying in a frame on your desk at work.

You choose where to go and what to wear

What you will have to pack for your amazing adventure depends solely on your choice of location. A part of Europe’s neverending palette of natural wonders and beauty is that it has a wide variety of climates. Therefore you have a lot to choose from and all you have to decide is what you are looking for.

Should you look for a warm and pleasant time of the year and if you prefer wearing shorts or skirts rather than your Christmas sweaters, perhaps you will be interested in looking at some of the Central and Western countries like Croatia or maybe even the Netherlands. If these examples sound good to you, a good match in regard to season and time of the year would be to visit them around springtime. The magical wakening of the forest will surely grant you and you’re loved once a most mesmerizing and magical experience.

If you do prefer the after all, maybe you can look at some of the Northern countries and maybe even Scandinavia. Match that with the winter season, maybe even Christmas time and you will guarantee yourself and your companions a magical winter which you will surely never forget. Whatever you decide to choose, your experience will be filled with magical moments that will revitalize your soul and body to its essence.

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