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Iceland huts

If you decide that you want to spend your next vacation in this European country, you can be sure that it will be no ordinary trip. Iceland offers a great deal of beautiful nature, but it can also provide much to those who are tired of the regular sightseeing and need to experience something else. If you recognize yourself in such a description, Iceland is definitely up your alley! The country is home to so many volcanoes that you will probably not be able to visit them all, even if you spent an entire year here.

Renting a small hut for your stay in Iceland is just something which feels inherently right! Such an accommodation makes the experience a whole lot different, probably a little bit romantic and fairytale-like. All of the properties which we have selected for you will allow you to experience the nature around even without having to leave your hut. And those views… Trust us, you would want to stay here forever.

Attractions in Iceland

There are many things which you can see in Iceland, but one thing is sure – once you are here, you definitely need to visit a volcano. Volcanoes are a signature attraction in the country, and with good reason. Although there are a lot of them around, we can recommend that you pay a visit to a volcano called Katla. However, even though this is our pick, you cannot go wrong with any of the volcanoes. In fact, there are two ways to go wrong – by not visiting one at all, and by visiting one without a guide. Setting out alone might seem fun, but it is definitely not advisable – you are better off by making use of some of the many available tours. Anyway, seeing a volcano will leave a lasting memory – it is just hard to comprehend how nature can be so beautiful and dangerous at the same time.

Another natural attraction which Iceland is famous for is glaciers! If you want to experience the full spectrum of Iceland, glaciers are one of the things which should not be missed. With glaciers, just like with volcanoes, you have a great variety to choose from, but we can recommend the Langjökull glacier. The panoramas you will see here are way different compared to the panoramas you usually see on a typical holiday. This is exactly why Iceland is special – it has so many unique attractions for you to visit. According to us, volcanoes and glaciers should not be skipped under any circumstances!

What to do in Iceland

The country offers amazing opportunities for leisure activities. For instance, you can go hiking – it promises to be quite a rewarding experience. However, for the most adventurous of you, Iceland has some great locations for scuba diving. Of course, once you have explored some of the amazing environment in the country, it is very natural to want to see what hides under the water as well. The experienced divers who visit Iceland are going to be able to satisfy such a desire.

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